Verification Requests


When ordering a verification request, please note: 

All currently enrolled students are encouraged to utilize the Clearinghouse Service to obtain past and current enrollment verifications.  This is a free and expedited service available to our students. By logging onto LeoNet, you may access the Clearinghouse Services by using the following steps: Self Service> Enrollment Verification>Obtain an enrollment certificate> Select either current enrollment or all enrollment.


You may order a verification letter by submitting the online Verification Request Form or submit a written, signed request to the Office of the Registrar with the following information:


  • Student's full name ( and all prior names used),
  • Student's ID,
  • Student's phone number,
  • Semester and year of Verification,
  • Full address of agency, college, or individual to whom the verification is to be sent,
  • Student's signature. This is authorization to release the records to the designee.


Type of verification being requested :


1. Enrollment Verification-- This verifies the student is enrolled per semester and includes the student's course load and dates of semester.
2. Standing Verification-- This reflects the student's last semester's number of hours completed, the semester grade point average earned, and the academic standing.
3. Verification of Registration-- This verification is for students that have registered for classes, but have not paid or have aid to pay for tuition. It will state the number of hours registered, the fee payment deadline, and dates of semester.
4. Prospective Graduate-- In order to obtain this letter, the student must have applied for graduation. The letter will state the student is on our list to graduate and list the semester which the student has applied for graduation.
5. Verification of Degree-- This verifies the student has earned a degree and includes the major.
6. Proof of Non-Attendance-- This is used to prove a student does not have prior enrollment at Southeastern. 
7. Other-- This is used if a form is attached and requires more than the others. This includes, but is not limited to: Disney Internship letters, Good Student discount forms, Workforce forms, Insurance forms, etc.
Dual-enrolled students that took Southeastern courses through a high school, will need to submit a transcript request.  We encourage sending the transcript directly to the future institution for expedited processing.  A student ID number is not required to complete the request, but students will need to include their Social Security Number.  


The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act requires the school to have a signed and dated written release for academic records .