Updates and Requests

Change Your Name

A student may file a request for a name change with the Office of the Registrar. Name
change requests must be accompanied by copies of your social security card and legal
documentation authorizing name change.

Change Your Address

It is imperative that all students provide the University with a current, up-to-date
mailing address. You are now able to update your address online through your LEOnet
account if you are a current student.

Academic Suspension Appeal

Students may appeal Academic Suspension using this form. You can read more information
on our Academic Suspension and Academic Standing page.

Resignation Request

Students looking to drop all their classes during a semester must complete a Resignation
Request. Students are encouraged to gather the proper information about how resigning
might impact their Southeastern account and Financial Aid eligibility.  

Registration Appeal

Students looking to appeal previous courses on their record or charges from those
courses must complete a Registration Appeal. Students are encouraged to submit necessary
information and documentation to justify the reason for their appeal.