Environmental Health and Safety


Mission Statement

The mission of the Environmental Health and Safety Office is to provide a safe and hazard-free environment for the students, faculty, staff and guests of Southeastern Louisiana University. The department strives to comply with all existing Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA for labs), Office of Risk Management and State Fire Marshal rules and regulations.


Emergency Management

Emergency Management Plan

Southeastern Profile (Appendix A)

Continuity of Operations Plan (Appendix B)

Safe Campus

Emergency Operations Center (Appendix C)

Crisis Communication Plan (Appendix D)

CCERT (Appendix F)

Chemical Spill (Appendix G1)

Hurricane Preparedness Plan (Appendix G3)

Communicable Disease Plan (Appendix G4)



Biology Safety Manual

Chemistry & Physics Safety Manual

Industrial and Engineering Technology Safety Manual

Nursing Safety Manual

Radiation Safety Manual

Turtle Cove Safety Manual

University Safety Manual

Visual Arts Safety Manual


Other General Information

Accident and Claims

Bloodborne Pathogens

Building Coordinators

Fire Safety

First Aid

Non-Licensed Vehicle Safety Policy

ORM Compliance Review FY 2023

ORM Compliance Review FY 2022

ORM Audit FY 2021

ORM Compliance Review FY 2020

ORM Compliance Review FY 2019

ORM Audit FY 2018

ORM Compliance Review FY 2017

ORM Compliance Review FY 2016

ORM Audit FY 2015

Quarterly Building Inspections

Safe Driver Program

Safety Data Sheets