Executive Branch


The Executive Branch is led by the President of SGA, Richard Davis Jr.

This branch is comprised of the Executive Cabinet which focuses on broad issues and initiatives such as: SGA finances, marketing, media, event planning, and engaging with students, alumni, and the community. 



The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the Student Government Association. The President initiates, develops, and sustains many policies, projects, and programs geared toward enhancing the quality of student experience on campus. He also serves as a representative for the Student Body on several University Committees. 

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Name: Richard Davis Jr.

Email: sgapresident@southeastern.edu

Office Number: (985) 549-2338

Executive Assistant to the President

The Executive Assistant is responsible for all administrative and clerical duties for the Office of the SGA President and serves as the President’s official scheduler.

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Name: Leah Cross

Email: Leah.Cross@southeastern.edu

Chief of Staff

The Chief of Staff is responsible for the oversight and coordination of the Student Government’s Executive Cabinet. He works closely with the President and Executive Board in assuring the goals of the Student Government Association are met.


Name: Cedric Dent Jr.

Email: Cedric.Dent@southeastern.edu 

Director of Campus Outreach

The Director of Campus Outreach is responsible for representing SGA in meetings with campus organizations, managing SGA’s visibility and campus engagement events, informing the President of events occurring on campus, and determining the necessity of Town Halls with certain administrators should issues pertinent to students and campus arise.


Name: Daniel Cuevas

Email: Daniel.Cuevas@southeastern.edu 

Director of Communications & Marketing

The Director of Communications & Marketing is responsible for managing all external communications for the Student Government Association. The Director drafts press releases, periodic reports, and constant social media posts to improve SGA accessibility and transparency.


Name: Alexis Minor

Email:  Alexis.Minor@southeastern.edu

Director of Financial Affairs

The Director of Financial Affairs is responsible for all financial matters and financial projects of the Student Government Association. They are also in charge of tracking spending and chairs the Budget Oversight Committee which reviews all student self-assessed fees. 


Name: [VACANT]

Email: [VACANT]

Director of Leadership Development

The Director of Leadership Development is dedicated to providing leadership training, education, and development to students interested in being a part of the Student Government Association. 


Name: Sydnie McClinton

Email: Sydnie.McClinton@southeastern.edu 

Director of Programming and Special Projects

The Director of Programming and Special Projects is responsible for creating and carrying out events and activities to advance student life here at Southeastern. They are also responsible for coordinating athletic tailgates and any special project that SGA takes on.


Name: Jessica Litolff

Email: Jessica.Litolff@southeastern.edu 

Director of Public and Governmental Affairs

The Director of Public and Governmental Relations seeks to improve SGA’s relationship with both community and government officials. They work to expand the voice of students beyond the university setting and affect policy changes in the interest of students.


Name: Claudio Franc

Email: Claudio.Franc@southeastern.edu 

Director of Traditions

The Director of Traditions is responsible for effectively planning and executing SGA’s two biggest and most prominent events: Homecoming Week and the BIG Event.


Name: Karley Bordelon

Email: Karley.Bordelon@southeastern.edu