Student Help Desk

 How to contact the Student Help Desk ?

The Southeastern Student Help Desk is a technical support service for students who are using the various computer systems at Southeastern.  Around-the-clock telephone support as well as daytime and evening chat support are available to students that may be experiencing technical challenges.  It is our goal to support the students that use our systems so that their Southeastern experience is less complicated.


Account Look-up for LEONet users

Find your Southeastern W# account/password information (University ID).


Looking to Purchase a New Device ?

See what deals Dell has to offer specifically for Southeastern.


Using LEONet

Learn how to use LEONet at Southeastern.


Account Password Change

Need to change your Southeastern account password because it expired? **Note** Your account password will expire every 180 days (approximately 6 months).  It is a requirement of the university that you change it at least twice a year in an effort to keep it secure.


Forgot your Password?

Don't remember your Southeastern account password?  This link is where you can reset it yourself if you have you have set up your account properly.  (We recommend that you set up your account to allow you to reset your password online BEFORE you ever forget your password. Southeastern has a few ways within the account information page for you to manage the account yourself and reset your password on your own.)  If those efforts fail, you can always come to campus with your picture ID to get it reset.


Gmail Help

Learn how to get started with your Southeastern Gmail account and set up your mobile device.


Moodle Help

What you need to know about taking online courses in Moodle at Southeastern.


Wireless Network Help

Connecting to the wireless network at Southeastern.


Computing Policies at Southeastern

Copyright, Use of Email, Responsible Computing, and Web