About the Office of Testing

The Office of Testing is the assessment center for all student testing needs. This
office serves as the clearinghouse for all miscellaneous credit (e.g. CLEP, DANTES/DSST,
and Departmental Credit) and provides special testing accommodations for all Southeastern
students who have registered with Student Accessibility Services. The Office of Testing
is also responsible for administering many National exams.

Students interested in saving money, as well as shortening the path to their college
degree, should contact the Office of Testing for further information. We look forward
to meeting you in the future and helping you achieve your academic goals.


Testing Hours

Appointments available Monday – Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Saturday testing for national tests only.



We are located on North Campus in the Main Building, room 172 (The same building as
the Admission’s Office). For specific directions please access our campus map


Important Notices

  • The Office of Testing processes all miscellaneous credits for the University. Please
    note, miscellaneous credits may not be used to reduce the University’s residence requirements.
    Miscellaneous credits are not used toward the required hours to be completed at the
    end of an academic year to maintain TOPS requirements. Also, students may not receive
    miscellaneous credit in courses for which the student has earned a final grade at
    an accredited college or university. Audited courses and courses taken at non-accredited
    institutions may be completed through miscellaneous credit. A grade of “P” will be
    recorded on the student’s transcript for all successfully completed miscellaneous
    credit exams; an unsuccessful attempt will not be recorded against the student.

  • Southeastern will accept a maximum of 30 semester credit hours through CLEP and a
    maximum of 60 semester credit hours through all types of non-traditional education
    experiences (i.e. Advance Placement Credit, Departmental Credits, DANTES/DSST credits,
    and Correspondence Courses).