Promise Eligibility

In order to be eligible to sign up for the Southeastern Promise students must meet
the following requirements:

1. Require No Developmental Courses: To be eligible the student must not be required to take a developmental course (Math
or English Courses to be taken at NTCC), or must complete all developmental requirements in the summer before their first Fall

2. Require No Co-Requisite Courses: A student choosing to take the Math or English Co-Requisite course offered at Southeastern
(MATH 105/92 or ENGL 101A/93)  to satisfy both a developmental course need and the first credit course need is
not eligible for the Promise.

Both of the above requirements are due to the need to complete a minimum of 30 credit
hours toward the degree during the academic year. Developmental courses and Co-Requisite
courses do not count toward the credit for degree.

3. Orientation Completion: Only students who have completed the orientation process and have registered for
classes may sign up.  This ensures that students are taking the appropriate number
of classes and classes that are applicable toward the student’s degree program.

4. Curriculum Progress: Students commit to continuous full-time enrollment each fall and spring of their term
plan and successfully complete a total of 30 credit hours per academic year (fall,
spring, summer).