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Visit Campus

Whether you graduated last year or decades ago, it’s always fun to come back to campus and relive your fondest memories of being a student. Chances are, there’s a lot that has changed! We always welcome our alumni to visit year-round and walk around campus to see what’s new. Be sure to stop at the Alumni Center to say hello!

Parking Update (as of March 2021)

Alumni fall under the same parking guidelines as Visitors. The University's policy states that all vehicles, including visitors, must have a valid parking hangtag while on campus during operating hours (Monday-Thursday 7:00am-4:00pm and Friday 7:00am-12:30pm). These free one-day passes can be picked up from the Alumni Office (temporarily located in White Hall) or the Transportation Services office in Pride Hall (please provide photo ID).
If you have an Alumni Membership to the Pennington Student Activity Center, they will issue you a hang tag that is good for one fiscal year or the length of your membership. These tags are honored at all the Pennington facilities such as the gym, pool and tennis courts.