Fight Songs

Fight Song and Ringtones

Tune in to some Southeastern spirit with our historic Alma Mater and our lively Fight
(Turn up your speakers and let everyone know you’re a Lion!)

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Southeastern Fight Song

Cheer for Southeastern’s noble Gold and Green
Cheer our team on to victory
We’ve got to play this game to win the day
We’ve got to play hard, get in there and make it pay
It’s time to fight on to a victory
Stand up and roar with all your might
Go! Go! Lions, go!
Get out and fight, fight, fight!


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Play Southeastern Fight Song (Vocals)

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History of the Fight Song


Southeastern Alma Mater

We hail Thee now Southeastern, For Thee we’ll always stand; Thy
eager sons and daughters form one united band. We’ll
sing thy praises ever from sea to shining sea, and
love Thee Alma Mater, Thru all eternity. 


Play Southeastern Alma Mater (Band)

Play Southeastern Alma Mater (Vocals)

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Southeastern Alma Mater – History and Printable Music Sheet


History of the Fight Song

Before launching Hot Spots extensive research on the fight song was done. According
to the committee’s findings, there have been at least three if not four versions of
the fight song throughout the university’s history. The first referenced “SLC” way
back when Southeastern was still a “college.” Over the years words have been minimally
updated to reflect the growth and changes, which Southeastern has experienced. In
fact, we are currently trying to track down a version, which supposedly involved the
band stopping at a certain point for the students to yell a cheer/chant with the words
“Roll on, you Lions” included.If you know about the cheer/chant or any additional
versions of the fight song, we’d love to hear about them. Drop us a note via the feedback
button at the bottom of this page. Go Lions!