The best way to find out the contact information for your advisor is to contact your
department. Departments in the College and their phone numbers are below.

  • Department of Communication and Media Studies 549-2105

  • Department of English 549-2100

  • General Studies Program 549-3755

  • Department of History and Political Science 549-2109

  • Department of Music and Performing Arts 549-2184

  • Department of Psychology 549-2154

  • Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice 549-2110

  • Department of Visual Art + Design 549-2193

  • Department of World Languages and Cultures 549-2105

We encourage students to get as involved as possible. You can find out more about our student organizations by contacting your department at the number above. You can also see our Student Organizations here.

Advising for transfer students is handled through your department. You can contact your department at the number above.

It’s important that you take action at the first sign that you are having difficulty. Talk to your instructor, your advisor, and your department head. Remember, we all want you to be successful!

Contact your department at the number above, or contact us at 549-2101.