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In an effort to provide you with course support beyond the Tinsley Learning Center’s
normal operating hours, NetTutor access is available twenty-four hours a day, seven
days a week, 365 days a year through your Canvas homepage under “My Courses.”  Your
NetTutor options will be listed by the subject name followed by the NetTutor label
for each course that has available online tutoring.  Sessions are archived in your
personal NetTutor locker, so you can access any help you’ve received.

You can interact with live tutors using features such as the interactive whiteboard
for chatting or creating drawings and symbols (for help with math, chemistry, or physics
problems).  Using NetTutor is simple — there are no software downloads required,
just an internet connection with Javascript enabled.  Text-to-speech and ESL services
are also provided.


NetTutor Spring 2024 Classes


Business Courses

Accounting: 200, 215, and 225

Finance: 282 and 381



Nursing: 319, 331, 339, and 371


Science and Math

Chemistry: 101,102,107, 121,122, 261, 265, and 266

General Biology: 106, 107, 151, 153,

Math: 105, 107, 161, 162, 163,175, 200, 201, 223, and 241

Microbiology: 205 and 223

Physics: 191, 192, 221 and 222

Zoology: 250 and 251

Zoology Lab 252 and 253






Watch these short videos to learn more about what is offered.


NetTutor Demonstration (2 min.)

New NetTutor User Experience for 2018 (2 min.)

How to Use the Tools on NetTutor’s Whiteboard (4 min.)

How to Ask a Question in a Live Tutorial (2 min.)

How to Submit a Paper to Paper Center (2 min.)

How to Bring Your Math Homework to NetTutoring (1 min.)

Using the WorldWideWhiteboard Math Equation Editor (2 min.)

How to Save Your Session as a PDF (1 min.)



For questions about this service, contact:

Marie Bernard
Tinsley Learning Center, Center for Student Excellence
[email protected]


NetTutor Technical Support 
813.674.0660 x204
8:00 AM to 4:30 PM CT
[email protected]