Where do your graduates work when they graduate?

Our students have been employed by several top industries and companies around south
east Louisiana, west Louisiana, and across the border in Mississippi and Texas. For
a list of recent employers, please follow this link

Also, visit our Career page for more information

Do you have scholarships?

Yes we do! You can check with the office of Scholarships for the available scholarships you may qualify for. 


Are there opportunities to work and do research with faculty?

Absolutely! Many of our faculty have established their lines of research. You can
approach them with ideas for research or simply ask those who are interested to join
their teams.

Do you have employment opportunities for students?

Yes we do. Few positions for student workers are available every semester. Students
are required to maintain labs and open them for students’ use. They also work closely
with faculty to organize spaces and prepare them for classes/experiments.

Email us at [email protected] if you are interested 

What is the difference between Engineering and Engineering Technology?

Engineering Technology (ET) differes from a regular Engineering in that it has less
math and science requirements and it doesn’t go as deep into theory as regular Engineering
does. However, ET has a strong emphasis on applications and hands-on activities that
apply and reduce theoretical knowledge into practice.


Still have questions?

email: [email protected]
Office: (985) 549-2189