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About the Department

Department Highlights

  • Currently has 678 majors in Management and 639 majors in Business Administration (as
    of Spring 2010)

  • Over 80 course sections are offered per semester

  • Available online and off-campus courses

  • Over 100 students were placed in internships since 2001

  • Sixteen tenured/tenure-track faculty who have published research in their respective
    academic disciplines, are actively involved in corporate training, doing professional
    presentations at local and international groups, and promoting the economic development
    of southeast Louisiana

  • Five full-time instructors and fifteen part-time instructors who bring real world
    experiences in addition to the appropriate graduate course work they have completed.

  • Updated curricula that provides quality education as well as increased retention and
    graduation rates.

  • Emphasizes quality advising and service to its majors.

  • Dedicated faculty provide effective classroom teaching, engagement in applied research,
    and assistance to majors.

Department Awards

The Distinguished Graduate in Business Administration Award

The Outstanding Academic Award in Economics

The Distinguished Graduate in Management Award

The Society for Human Resource Management Student Excellence Award


Contact Information 

Department of Management and Business Administration:

Garrett Hall, Room 56

SLU 10813

Hammond, LA 70402

Dr. Russell McKenzie, Department Head 

[email protected]



Janet “Lynn” Jamieson, Administrative Assistant

Garrett Hall, Room 56

Telephone: (985) 549-2051

Fax: (985) 549-2019

[email protected]


Business Administration:

Lulu Layrisson, Administrative Assistant 

Garrett Hall, Room 60 

Telephone: (985) 549-2086

Fax: (985) 549-2881

[email protected]