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R2 Digital Library


R2 Digital Library

This collection is available to authorized Southeastern users (on- or off- campus).
R2 eBooks are licensed for a single use at a time (rather than multiple simultaneous
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Rittenhouse Book Distributors

Nursing, including some Speech Therapy/Audiology content

This collection currently includes over 500 eBooks.

Newly published titles and editions to be updated periodically

R2 Library is an eBook database of Nursing and Allied Health books that allows topic-driven
searches. Find answers quickly at the chapter and section level and use filters to
enhance your search results to discipline and publication date levels. Create a user
profile to save your bookmarks, references and images in the top right hand corner.
R2 Library contains nursing books from many of the leading health science publishers,
including Elsevier, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Springer Publishing Company, and
the American Nurses Association, with publication dates from 2015 to present. Newly
published titles are added on a weekly basis. 


Authorized users may read on any computer or web-enabled device (all major browsers
are supported). Although ebooks are not directly downloadable, users may save as sections
as a PDF, or email or print sections, including chapter charts, images, and full-text
(up to 20% of the book in a 24 hour period).

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