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Online Access Help

If you are having trouble accessing the library databases or electronic reserves, please use the following checklist to troubleshoot your problem.

    1. I don't know my UserID and PIN.
      The User ID will be your W number (e.g., w0123456). The PIN will be your 6 digit birthdate (e.g., 052403 for May 24, 2003).
      Sample logon screen

    2. After entering my UserID and PIN, I get an error message.
      Common logon error messages and what to do.

    3. After entering my UserID and PIN, I get the logon screen again.
      Other software on your PC may be interfering with access.

    4. I get a "security failure. data encryption error" message.
      You may be using an outdated version of Internet Explorer. 

    5. I get a "security alert" box that asks to allow a cookie to be sent.
      You may need to enable cookies. 

    6. I get a "page not found" or "connection refused" error.
      You may be behind a firewall.

    7. My access problem is different from those listed.
      Other troubleshooting solutions to try.

    8. I'm having trouble printing.
      Solutions to common printing problems.
    9. If you need further help, please contact

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