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Discover the science behind workplace dynamics and be part of shaping the future of work environments with our BA in Psychology, specializing in industrial/organizational psychology. You’ll delve into the intricate workings of organizations, focusing on topics like employee motivation, leadership, and team dynamics. Through hands-on projects and real-world applications, you'll gain valuable insights into optimizing workplace productivity and employee well-being. Whether you're interested in HR, management, or organizational consulting, you’ll graduate prepared for a fulfilling career in the dynamic field of industrial/organizational psychology.


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A Psychology degree is evidence of the "people skills" employers regularly rate as very important in almost all occupations

Program fosters critical thinking and the development of research, writing, and data analytic skills that are essential to a wide variety of fields

Faculty areas of expertise represent major specialty areas of psychology, including clinical, social, developmental, learning, cognition, biopsychology, and applied psychology.

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Child protection worker

Licensed Mental Health Counselor


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William Newton

Into Creating a Better Workplace

William Garrett Newton, an industrial/organizational psychology major, is learning to use his leadership skills and interest in understanding others to give both companies and employees a competitive advantage.

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