Mt. Carmel Academy, The Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts win annual Southeastern Foreign Language Festival

Thursday, April 17, 2014
by: Tonya Lowentritt

1)Natchitoches parish winners2)Orleans Parish winners3)St. Tammany Parish participants

HAMMOND – Mount Carmel Academy and The Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts of Natchitoches took top honors at the 32nd annual Foreign Language Festival at Southeastern Louisiana University April 4.

The festival drew schools from surrounding parishes to compete in Spanish and French poetry, prose, and extemporaneous speaking categories and as groups in music and plays.

Mount Carmel took top honors in Tier 1, the division for magnet schools and schools with more than 600 students, while the Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts garnered the highest award for Tier 2, schools with fewer than 600 students.

Best School in Spanish was Northlake Christian School, and best school in French was Mount Carmel Academy.

In the French music category, winners were St. Scholastica Academy, first; Academy of Our Lady, second; and the International High School of New Orleans, third. In the French play category, John Ehret High School was first; Mount Carmel Academy, second; and St. Scholastica, third.

Spanish music winners were St. Paul's School, first; John Ehret High School, second; and Archbishop Chapelle High School, third. In the Spanish play category, Northlake Christian School was first; the Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts, second; and John Ehret High School, third.

Two students received special festival awards. Talia Ambrose of the International High School of New Orleans received the CODOFIL Award, a summer study abroad scholarship presented by the French community of Belgium. Andrew John Bevolo IV of Christ Episcopal School and the first place winner for Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking IV was awarded a Mexican cruise leaving from New Orleans. The cruise to Mexico will afford  Bevolo the opportunity to practice his Spanish speaking skills.

Individual winners, listed by parish, were:


Academy of Our Lady – Quynh-Anh Vo, French Extemporaneous Speaking I, second.

Archbishop Chapelle High School – Grace Fourmaux, French Poetry I, first; Sophia Kass, French Poetry II, first; Taylor Sparacello, French Extemporaneous Speaking III, third; Mary Poirier, Spanish Prose I, third; Iris Medal, Spanish Poetry – Native Speaker, third.

John Ehret High School – Jennifer Quan, French Prose II, first; Kayla Richoux, French Prose IV, second; Pedro Gutuerrez, French Extemporaneous Speaking II, second; Vivian Vo, French Prose III, third; Gabrielle Rodrigue, French Poetry I, third; Mi Nguyen, French Poetry II, third; Miguel Solis Espejo, French Extemporaneous Speaking I, third; Kamryn Roberts, Spanish Poetry I, second.


Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts – Ashlyn Anderson, French Poetry IV, first; River Scrantz, French Extemporaneous Speaking II, first; Travis Landriault, French Prose III, second; Genesis Allen, French Poetry II, second; Johnette Johnson, French Prose I, third; Siobhan Prasad, Spanish Poetry II, first; Crica Chachere, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking II, first; Aaron Walker, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking III, first; Shiva Velingker, Spanish Prose II, second; Jong-Ho Lee, Spanish Prose IV, second; Andy Labrada, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking – Native Speaker, second; Marissa Lauren, Spanish Poetry III, third.


De La Salle High School – Valentina Carrillo, French Extemporaneous Speaking IV, second; Rodolfo Molina, Spanish Poetry – Native Speaker, second; Sophia Perez, Spanish Poetry I, third; Hannah Johnson Wilson, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking II, third.

International School of New Orleans – Lucia Hughes, French Prose IV, first; Evelyn Aguilar, French Poetry III, first; Talia Ambrose, French Extemporaneous Speaking IV, first; Jamal Freeman, French Prose I, second; Tristin Silman, French Prose II, third; Michael Fernandez, French Extemporaneous Speaking II, third; Bayron Chavez, Spanish Prose – Native Speaker, first; Angelita Tello, Spanish Poetry – Native Speaker, first; Yolanda Andrade, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking – Native Speaker, first; Rachel Charbonnet, Spanish Prose III, third; Alex Retzlaff, Spanish Prose IV, third; Jesica Joseph, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking I, third; Michael Kuckyr, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking IV, third.

Mt. Carmel Academy – Natalie Naquin, French Prose I, first; Kirstie Freibert, French Prose III, first; Cari Jane Roussel, French Extemporaneous Speaking I, first; Shelby Dwyer, French Extemporaneous Speaking III, first; Grace Koehler, French Prose II, second; Emily Schneider, French Poetry I, second; Sabrina Langlois, French Poetry III, second; Alexia Tadros, French Prose IV, third; Kelly Lewis, French Poetry IV, third; Megan Davenport, Spanish Prose III, first; Claire Bourgeois, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking I, first; Alexis Gagnon, Spanish Poetry II, second; Catherine Pellerin, Spanish Poetry IV, second; Alexis Aviles, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking II, second; Natalie Failla, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking IV, second; Sariah DeGarmo, Spanish Prose II, third; Brennan Nugent, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking III, third.


Christ Epispocal School – Andrew John Bevolo IV, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking IV; first.

Northlake Christian School – Gabe Sigl, Spanish Prose I, first; Raquel Domingos, Spanish Prose II, first; Gabrielle Soong, Spanish Prose IV, first; Matthew Palencia, Spanish Poetry I, first; Walt Kelly, Spanish Prose III, second; Warren Davie, Spanish Prose – Native Speaker, second; Miguel Black, Spanish Poetry III, second; Isabel Kazan, Spanish Poetry IV, third.

Pope John Paul II – Aliccia Heiblings, French Poetry III, third; Michelle Hasenkampf, Spanish Prose I, second.

St. Paul's School – Patrick Stewart, Spanish Poetry III, first; William Kenyon, Spanish Poetry IV, first; Jack Nunez, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking I, second; Austin Williams, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking III, second; A.J. Lacroix, Spanish Poetry II, third; Kaleb Sandino, Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking – Native Speaker, third.

St. Scholastica Academy – Abby Childress, French Poetry IV, second; Blaze D'Amico, French Extemporaneous Speaking III, second and French Extemporaneous Speaking IV, third; Camille Amadeo, Spanish Prose – Native Speaker, third.

1) NATCHITOCHES PARISH WINNERS – Students from the Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts were among the winners at the Foreign Language Festival held at Southeastern Louisiana University April 4. From left are River Scrantz, Erica Sanchez, Ashlyn Anderson, Siobhan Prasad and Aaron Walker.

2) ORLEANS PARISH WINNERS – Students from Orleans Parish were among the winners at the Foreign Language Festival held at Southeastern Louisiana University April 4. From left, front, are Evelyn Aguilar of the International High School of New Orleans, Shelby Dwyer, Natalie Naquin, and Claire Bourgeois, all of Mt. Carmel Academy, Angelita Tello and Yolanda Andrade of the International High School of New Orleans. Back row, from left, are Bayron Chavez of the International High School of New Orleans, Kirstie Freibert, Megan Davenport, and Cari Roussel of Mt. Carmel Academy,  Talia Ambrose and Lucia Hughes of the International High School of New Orleans.

3) ST. TAMMANY PARISH PARTICIPANTS – Students from St. Tammany Parish were among the participants at the April 4 Foreign Language Festival held at Southeastern Louisiana University. From left are Andrew John Bevolo IV, first place winner in Spanish Extemporaneous Speaking IV of Christ Episcopal School, Gabe Sigl, first place winner in Spanish Prose I, Indiana Brunner, Stephen Satterlee, Gabrielle Soong, first place winner in Spanish Prose IV, Raquel Domingos, first place winner of Spanish Prose II, Matthew Palencia, first place winner in Spanish Poetry I, Natali Mora and Roland Darcia, all from Northlake Christian School.



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