Parking Operations, Rules and Regulations

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Mission Statement and Scope of Services


Create and effectively meet the parking and transportation demands of the University community, while providing a wide range of quality services within the scope of available resources.



Parking Operations at Southeastern Louisiana University, along with the assistance of the University Police Department are committed to providing:

  • Quality parking and related services
  • Safe and well maintained parking facilities
  • Promote policies that are customer focused, friendly and economically sound and services that support the mission of the University
  • Provides space availability for permit holders through citation issuance


We are committed to providing the University Community with quality and related services. Parking Operations enforces parking rules with regards to all parking lots, parking structures and restricted areas such as docks and loading zones.

  • All students and employees who operate a motor vehicle on the Southeastern campus must be familiar with, and abide by, the regulations stated herein.
    • These regulations have been designed to ensure the safety of all members of the University Community and the efficient utilization of all available parking areas.
    • Driving a motor vehicle on the campus is a privilege granted by the University, and if that privilege is abused, it can be revoked.
  • These regulations have been approved by the University’s Parking/Transportation Committee and University Administrative Officers. The Office of Parking Operations with the assistance of the University Police is charged with enforcing these regulations.


General Regulations and Enforcement

Driver Responsibility

  • All persons registering or operating motor vehicles on campus are responsible for knowing the rules and regulations governing parking and traffic.


  • The responsibility of finding a legal parking space rests with the vehicle operator.


  • The speed limit on campus is 15 miles per hour, unless otherwise posted. Vehicles must yield to pedestrians in crosswalks


  • All students, alumni, faculty, staff, retired faculty/staff and other persons affiliated with the University (contractors, vendors, etc.) who operate and park a motor vehicle on Southeastern’s campus must properly display a current parking permit on their vehicle, and must be parked in a legal designated parking space.


  • Southeastern Louisiana University does not assume any responsibility for the care and/or protection of any motor vehicle driven onto or parked on the campus at any time or liability for damages or loss to any vehicle’s contents while on the campus.


  • In order to establish responsibility for any parking citations accumulated by any motor vehicle illegally parked on University property, the Parking Operations may make the reasonable presumption that a student or staff member with the same address and last name as the registered owner of the vehicle, is the operator of that vehicle.


  • All parking permits in this document refer to a current Southeastern Louisiana University hangtag, decal or temporary permit.


  • The person who obtains a parking permit is responsible for the following while the vehicle is on the campus:
      • The safe operation of the vehicle upon which the permit is displayed
      • The conduct of any passengers in the vehicle
      • All parking and traffic citations issued to that permit/vehicle
      • The maintenance of the vehicle’s lights and safety equipment


Hours of Regulation

  • During the Fall and Spring Semesters, between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, University employees, students, vendors and visitors must park in specific areas on campus based on their classification. On Fridays, freshman commuters can park in upper-class parking zones.  After 4:00 p.m. on weekdays, 12:00 pm on Fridays, weekends, and on days when University classes are not in session, designated parking is canceled, with the exception of residential zones, and individuals may park in any faculty/staff or student parking area with a valid permit.
  • During the Summer Semester only, students may park in any student location on main campus with a current permit displayed. Restricted parking continues in Zone 8 (Greek Village/Southeastern Oaks) 24/7 during each semester.
  • Parking on grass is never allowed and will be enforced 24/7; this applies to both on and off campus individuals/groups including University rentals and department and student organization events. Handicapped parking spaces are always restricted. The fine for illegal parking in a handicapped space is $275.00.


Disability Parking

  • To park in a handicapped parking space, the applicant must have an SLU Handicap parking permit and a state-issued handicapped designated plate, placard, or handicapped parking permit registered in their name. Applicant must submit a mobility Identification card to obtain a SLU Handicap permit and it must be displayed in front of the handicap placard. If the applicant has a handicap license plate, they must present the vehicle registration card to obtain a SLU Handicap permit and display the permit from the rearview mirror in the vehicle. This permit allows the individual to park in a faculty/staff parking space, student parking area, or handicapped space.
  • Handicap spaces are available to visitors with special needs. These spaces require the individual to present a valid mobility ID card and/or vehicle registration card for a handicap license plate, to obtain a temporary handicap permit issued by Parking Operations. Please stop by Parking Operations, located in Pride Hall, between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:45 p.m. to obtain a temporary permit Monday-Thursday or 7:30 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. on Friday.


Vehical Registration Policies

Automobile Registration

  • All vehicles parked on the property of the Southeastern Louisiana University must display a valid state license plate tag or be subject to immobilization.


  • All vehicles must display a current Southeastern Louisiana University hangtag or temporary permit and it must be displayed from the rearview mirror so that the permit number is visible and the expiration date faces the windshield. Jeeps and convertibles must display a decal in the upper right hand corner of the vehicle on the outside of the windshield, if a hangtag is not purchased. Motorcycles/Scooters must display a current Southeastern Louisiana University decal on the front right fork.


  • Once students register for classes and pay tuition, they must register their vehicle online and present a current Southeastern identification card to pick up a permit at Parking Operations.


  • An individual may not register a vehicle for another person.


  • Permits are for the use of the permit holder only and remain the property of Southeastern Louisiana University while valid.


  • Permits should be removed from a vehicle before transfer of ownership. Parking Operations should be notified when a vehicle is no longer the individual’s responsibility.


Motorcycle Registration

  • Faculty/Staff have the option, in addition to the one (1) permit purchased for your motor vehicle; an applicant may purchase an additional decal for a motorcycle at the current semester charge. Students have the option to purchase one (1) permit registered online as either a hangtag or a decal. A motorcycle decal must be displayed only on the vehicle for which it was obtained and may not be transferred between vehicles. Decals may never be taped or laminated, or applied in any way so as to be removed and used in another vehicle.


  • Motorcycles, mopeds and scoters are prohibited from parking in bike racks, fire lanes, yellow zones, sidewalks, disability spaces, access zones, unauthorized spaces or loading zones.


General Information


These regulations repeal and supersede all prior Parking and Traffic Codes at Southeastern Louisiana University. The operation of motor vehicles on the campus of Southeastern Louisiana University is a privilege granted Southeastern Louisiana University’s faculty, staff, students and visitors to the campus. Failure to adhere to these regulations as well as the laws of the State may result in a warning, citation or the loss of parking privileges on the campus of Southeastern Louisiana University.



These regulations apply to the drivers, owners or registrants of all motor vehicles on the Southeastern Louisiana University campus and are enforced twenty-four hours a day, every day of the calendar year, unless otherwise provided in these regulations. The person registering the vehicle, (or for unregistered vehicles) the owner, is responsible for all citations issued against the vehicle.



  • Campus: All University property located within the juristdictional boudaries of Southeastern Louisiana University.
  • Construction Worker: Any person employed by a company which is engaged in the construction, renovation, or repair to campus buildings or other facilities.
  • Contract Staff: Any person, not a student or Faculty/Staff, who renders on-campus  services to Southeastern Louisiana University through the provisions of a contract for services.
  • Faculty/Staff: Any person, other than a student, who renders services to Southeastern Louisiana University for remuneration. This category includes all faculty, administrative and staff personnel employed by the University, and contract Faculty/Staff.
  • Loading Zone: An area specifically designated by sign(s) and/or pavement marking with the
  • phrase “Loading Zone”.
  • Motor Vehicle: Every vehicle which is self-propelled.
  • Parking: The standing of a motor vehicle, whether occupied or not.
  • Parking Citation: A citation for violation of the Southeastern Louisiana University parking    regulations and a notice of right to appeal within seven (7) Calendars days from the date of the   violation.
  • Parking Enforcement Officer: A staff of Southeastern Louisiana University Parking Operations Office authorized to issue parking citations.
  • Parking Permit: A current Southeastern Louisiana University Hangtag/Decal/Permit issued to students, Faculty/Staff, vendors and visitors by Parking Operations.
  • Student (including Graduate Assistants) (full-time and part-time): Any person, other than a         Faculty/Staff of Southeastern Louisiana University, who is enrolled either full or part time and includes persons enrolled to audit one or more classes.
      • Housing Student – Persons who reside in one of the student residential facilities.
      • Upper-Class Commuter – Persons who have earned 30 credit hours or more who commute to campus from an off-campus residence.
      • Freshman Commuter – Persons who have earned 29 credit hours or less who commute to campus from an off-campus residence.
  • Vendor: Any person, not a Faculty/Staff, student or contract Faculty/Staff, who provides sales and/or repair services to Southeastern Louisiana University.
  • Visitor (Guest): Any person other than a student, Faculty/Staff, construction worker, contract Faculty/Staff, or vendor who parks a motor vehicle on campus.


Liability for Protection of Motor Vehicles

Southeastern Louisiana University, its officers and Faculty/Staffs shall have no liability for the care and/or protection of any motor vehicle or its contents at any time while it is being operated or parked on the campus. Thefts or damages that occur should be reported to the University Police Department.


Official Traffic Control Devices

  • Any person who operates or parks a motor vehicle on the campus shall obey any official traffic
    sign or other control device properly placed in accordance with the provisions of this regulation except when otherwise directed by a Parking Enforcement Officer or Law Enforcement Officer actively engaged in directing traffic on campus. Whenever a particular section of these regulations does not state that signs are required, such section is effective without signs being provided.
  • Parking Operations and/or University Police Department, in accordance with procedures approved by the President of Southeastern Louisiana University, shall place and maintain such signs, markers, and other traffic control devices upon campus as shall be necessary to control traffic. No person shall, without lawful authority, alter, knockdown, or remove any official parking or traffic control device.


Permit Usage and General Policies

General Permit Regulations

  • Parking Operation is responsible for issuing vehicle parking permits and maintaining records of parking permits and parking citations issued to violators of the Southeastern Louisiana University Parking Regulations. Parking Operations provides for the maintenance and regulation of campus parking facilities.


  • All persons who park or let stand a vehicle on campus must immediately obtain and display a valid parking permit (hangtag). If the office of Parking Operations is closed, a temporary permit may be obtained at the University Police Dispatch Office in Pride Hall.


  • Students, faculty, and staff who park on campus after normal University hours, must also obtain and display a current parking permit. This includes students who take classes at night and faculty or staff members who work at night.


  • All parking permits for the Academic year expire July 31st of the current Academic Year. Those with a continuing need to drive or park on the campus must obtain a new Academic Year permit prior to the beginning of the Fall Semester.


  • Those attempting to park on campus between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. are advised to arrive well before their class, appointment, or the beginning of their scheduled work shift. Since 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. is the period during which the campus is most heavily populated, the only spaces available may be located a considerable distance from an individual’s final destination.


  • Faculty/staff permits are for the use of the registered faculty/staff member only and must not be used by spouses/children who are students or by any other individual. If violated, it may result in fines and the revocation of the parking permit.


  • Faculty/staff members who resign from the University to become full-time students must turn in their faculty/staff permit and purchase a student permit from Parking Operations.


  • Students who become full-time employees of Southeastern Louisiana University must turn in their student permit and purchase a faculty/staff permit at Parking Operations at full price based on month of change.


  • Any vehicle parked on campus for the benefit/purpose of a specific student or employee must be parked in accordance with the student’s or employee’s classification and must have an appropriate permit properly displayed. The student or employee will be responsible for any citations issued to the vehicle if it is not parked in accordance with campus regulations.


  • Permits cannot be sold, altered, falsified, or transferred to another individual. Permits are for use by the individual issued the permit. Parking permits must not be altered or defaced in any manner. This includes changing the wording or the expiration date. Any alterations will result in immediate immobilization.


  • Each faculty/staff member/contract employee and student is limited to one (1) hangtag per individual. A hangtag may be transferred from one vehicle to another, but must be used only by the student or employee to whom it was issued. Faculty/staff can purchase an additional decal for a second vehicle; however, the issued permit will only cover parking for one vehicle on campus at a time.


  • In the event your vehicle becomes disabled, it is the owner/driver’s responsibility for its removal as soon as available services permit. Lots and/or garages may not be used to store a vehicle. If a vehicle will be left unattended for more than 48 hours, the owner/driver should contact Parking Operations immediately and/or University Police.


  • Visitors must display a valid visitor parking permit to park on campus except when parked in areas designated as public parking for a special event. Visitor permits are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at the University Police Dispatch Office.


  • Vehicles owned or leased by, or under the control of a University department and have a University vehicle identification permanently affixed to the exterior of the vehicle, shall be exempt from the requirement to display a parking permit.


  • Permits, decals, hang tags, and/or placards must be clearly displayed in accordance with instructions provided by Parking Operations. Any alteration of a permit, decal, hang tag, or placard shall render it invalid.


  • The permit (hangtag) must be hung from the inside rear-view mirror with the tag number facing outward. If a folding sun-screen/heat-shield is used in the front windshield of the vehicle, the hang-tag must not be obscured.


  • Students may register any vehicle except a vehicle which belongs to another student.


Temporary Permist & Replacement Permits

Temporary Permits

  • Temporary permits are available to permit holders who do not have their current permit in their vehicle to park on campus. Two permits will be issued at no charge and subsequent permits will be issued at a cost of $2 per day per Academic Year.


  • For individuals who have not yet purchased a current permit, they may obtain a maximum of two (2) one day temporary parking permits at a charge of $2.00 each per Academic Year. Any subsequent permit will be issued at a cost of $5.00 per day per Academic Year.


Replacement Permits (Lost/Stolen)


  • The person who was issued the hangtag/decal must report the loss of the hangtag to Parking Operations. The theft of the hangtag/decal must be reported to the University Police Department immediately after becoming aware of the theft.


  • Anyone misrepresenting the circumstances of the loss or theft of a permit will be subject to student judicial actions or prosecution in accordance with Louisiana Criminal Law.


Special Temporary Permits

Temporary Disability Permits

Handicapped Permit

    • Vehicles parked in spaces reserved for individuals with disabilities are required to prominently display a valid disability access parking placard or license plate, issued by a State Highway Department. A temporary handicap permit will be issued to the applicant when the Mobility ID expires before the end of the semester or academic year depending on the applicant.  Upon renewal of the mobility ID, the applicant can present the Mobility ID to Parking Operations, and a regular handicap hangtag will be issued.
    • In addition to spaces specifically reserved for disability access, any vehicle displaying a current handicap access permit displayed properly, may also park in a Faculty/Staff or student parking space.


Special Medical Parking Pass.

Persons with temporary impairments may obtain a time-limited parking permit, from Parking Operations, by providing a written statement from a physician stating that the special parking is required.  This statement from the physician must refer to the condition of the patient and the duration of the condition. A beginningand endingdate is required.  A current University decal or parking permit is required in addition to the Special Medical Parking Pass when parked in accessible parking spaces. This pass allows parking in any legal parking space other than a marked Handicapped parking space.


Retired Faculty and Staff

  • A current permit for the fall through summer semester will be provided, at no charge, to retired Faculty/Staff. A Retiree I.D. and/or proper documentation verifying retirement from the University must be presented to Parking Operations.
  • Only the initial hangtag/decal will be provided at no charge, any replacement hangtag/decal will be at full price depending on semester the charge is incurred.


Parking Areas


  • Motor vehicles may be parked only in areas designated as parking areas by the official campus map, signs or street markings, except when otherwise directed by a Parking          Enforcement Officer or Law Enforcement Officer actively engaged in directing traffic on campus.
  • Motor vehicles may park only in areas or spaces for which the permit or decal is valid. Decals and/or permits must be clearly visible and displayed in accordance with      regulations.
  • Parking is prohibited in areas posted or marked as “Fire Lane”, Loading Zone, or “No Parking” and in areas not designated as parking areas by sign or pavement marking and any grassy area shown on the online campus parking map.
  • Motor vehicles parked in violation of these regulations may be immobilized or towed at the owner’s expense and risk.    

Special Event Parking

  • Special event parking areas shall be designated by sign(s) and/or as directed by a parking Enforcement Officer or Law Enforcement Officer actively engaged in directing traffic on campus.
  • Unauthorized motor vehicles may not park in areas posted as reserved for special event parking during the time period designated by the sign(s) and/or traffic control officer(s).
  • Athletic Event Parking Areas: Unauthorized vehicles may not park in areas designated     “reserved” for athletic event parking within twelve hours prior to the start of the event.
  • Vehicles authorized to park in areas reserved for special events shall be identified with a dash pass, placard or permit approved by Parking Operations and issued by the authorized event sponsor prior to the event.    


Faculty/Staff/Student Parking Areas:

  • Faculty/Staff parking areas shall be designated by sign(s) as shown on the official campus parking map. Areas posted as Faculty/Staff shall not be available for parking except for those vehicles displaying a current permit or decal valid for Faculty/Staff parking zones. Vehicles must properly display a valid Faculty/Staff permit to park in Faculty/Staff parking areas except for the following: 
      • With the exception of Southeastern Oak/Greek Village, vehicles displaying a current student hangtag (Residential or Commuter) may park in any valid Faculty/Staff/Student parking area, after 4:00 PM Monday-Thursday and after 12:00 pm on Friday.
      •  Vehicles displaying a valid “Special Medical Permit”, “Speech Clinic Permit”, or “Community Music Permit, may park in a Faculty/Staff or student parking area.

  • Residential Life Parking Areas. These areas are indicated in maroon on the official campus parking map, and/or indicated on campus by signs with a maroon rectangle and a zone number. Students residing in student residential facilities are restricted to parking in the parking area/zone where they reside only during the fall and spring semesters between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. After 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 12:00 pm on Friday, during the fall and spring semesters, residential tags can park in Upperclass or Faulty/Staff. Visitors, Upperclass or Faculty/Staff cannot park in the residential zones 24/7 at any time.
      • The student housing parking zones are: 
        Zone 4: Tangipahoa/Hammond Halls.
        Zone 5: Pride Hall, New Taylor Hall, Livingston Hall, and Louisiana Hall. 
        Zone 6: St. Tammany/Washington Halls.
        Zone 7: Zachary Taylor Hall.
        Zone 8: Southeastern Oaks Apartment Complex and “The Village.”
        Zone 9: Cardinal Newman Hall.
  • Commuter Student Parking Areas.
      • Freshman Commuter Student: Areas are indicated in brown on the official campus map, and/or indicated on campus by signs with a brown rectangle. Freshman parking is restricted to parking on North Campus during the fall and spring semesters. After 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 12:00 pm on Friday, during the fall and spring semesters, Freshman tags can park in Upperclass or Faculty/Staff zones.  Freshman tags cannot park in residential zones at any time.

      • Upper-Class Commuter Student:  Areas are indicated in gold on the official campus map, and/or indicated by campus signs with a gold rectangle. After 4 p.m.    Monday through Thursday, 12:00 pm on Friday, during the fall and spring semesters, Upperclass tags can park in Faculty/Staff zones.  Upperclass tags cannot park in residential zones at any time.


Visitor Parking Areas

  • Visitor parking areas shall be designated by sign(s). Time limited visitor parking spaces are located on SGA Drive between Pride Hall and the Library, in front of the Athletic Building, the New Student Union circle, and on North Campus between the Main Building and the Financial Aid Building.  These time limited areas are reserved for bona fide visitors who need to park temporarily to obtain a visitor parking permit from each of these areas. Motor vehicles bearing a current university permit, shall not park in these areas between the hours of 7:00 AM and 4:00 PM.

  • Visitors must obtain a temporary parking permit as indicated on the signs and must properly display the valid visitor parking permit to park on campus, except when parked in areas designated as public parking for a special event.

  • Visitors to the Health Center can park in the time limited marked reserved spaces for the University Health Center in the McClimans Hall parking lot.


Accessible Parking for Individuals with Disabilities

  • Accessible parking areas reserved for individuals with disabilities are marked by sign(s) and/or pavement markings incorporating the international disability access symbol.
  • Obstructing access to a parking area reserved for individuals with disabilities is prohibited.
  • Vehicles displaying an official disability access license plate, permit or placard, along with a current University permit, are the only vehicles authorized to park in these areas.


Motorcycle Parking Areas

Motorcycle parking areas are marked by pavement markings and/or as an orange triangle on the official campus parking map. Motorcycles may also be parked in any valid parking space based on the operator’s classification.


Maintenance/Emergency Parking Areas

These areas are indicated on campus with yellow lines, curbs, and/or hash marks. Only authorized University maintenance/emergency vehicles on official university business may be parked in these areas.


Violations and Penalties

  • A Permit cannot be sold, altered, falsified, or transferred to another individual. A permit is for the sole use of the person to which it is issued.


  • Citations will be the responsibility of the registered holder of the permit.


  • If no permit is displayed, the owner of the vehicle will be responsible for all parking violations.


  • Students, faculty, and staff who fail to pay their financial obligation for parking violations to the University may have their parking privileges revoked. In addition, students who fail to pay their financial obligations to the University, before the end of the semester, will not be allowed to register for classes, secure transcripts, or receive diplomas until the obligations have been cleared.


  • Anyone possessing a permit that has been reported as lost or stolen, or that has been counterfeited and/or altered, can be referred to the Student Conduct Officer for disciplinary action.


  • Failure to obtain the current academic year parking permit: If an individual receives this citation and was issued a current parking permit or obtains a parking permit, the citation will be voided. This is limited to the initial citation only if more than one is received. (Limit one per academic year).


  • Improper display of parking permit: A citation will be written if a permit is placed other than on rear-view mirror or for a decal, on correct location on windshield. The permit must be clearly visible through front windshield with the numbered side facing forward.


  • Each parked vehicle must be positioned so that its tires do not rest completely upon nor cross over the lines that designate the parking space it occupies.


  • A legal parking space on campus is between two while lines, and/or a concrete bumper designating the dimensions of the space. Motor vehicles must notbe parked in areas not designated for parking. These include sidewalks, grassy areas, shoulders of streets, areas of parking lots not lined as spaces, and areas in gravel lots that a concrete bumper block designates the space or does not have concrete bumper blocks.


  • Motor vehicles must not be parked in such a way that they block crosswalks, sidewalks, service drives, loading zones, construction zones, handicapped access areas, or a legally parked vehicles. Vehicles in violation of this regulation may not only receive a parking citation, but may also be towed at the operator’s expense.


  • Between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and 7 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. on Friday, University employees must park in specific areas on campus that correspond to the type of hangtag/decal displayed on the vehicle.


  • During the Fall and Spring semesters, between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Thursday, University students must park in specific areas on campus that correspond to the type of hang-tag/decal displayed on the vehicle. On Fridays, 7 a.m. and 12:00 p.m., freshman commuters can park in upper-class parking zones.  During the summer semester only, Monday through Thursday, students can park in any studentlocation on main campus.


  • Only vehicles displaying a current Zone 8 permit (Southeastern Oaks and Greek Village) can park “behind the gate” 24 hours a day, seven days a week during the fall, spring and summer semesters.


  • The student or employee will be responsible for any campus parking/traffic citations that may be issued to the registered vehicle regardless of who is operating the car.


  • All motor vehicles must be parked forward in each parking space. (Do not drive through one parking space to park in the opposite parking space.) Vehicles must not be backed into a parking space, with the exception of marked Southeastern Louisiana University Police Units and Lion Traxx Shuttle Buses


  • Motorcycles and/or bicycles, or other two or three wheeled vehicles, must not be secured to trees, light posts, parking sign posts, handicapped access ramps, or stairwell ramp supports.


  • All traffic signs, signals, and/or instructions from a police officer are to be observed at all times. (Instructions from a police officer take precedence over signs and signals.)


  • Pedestrians have the right-of-way at all crosswalks.


  • All streets on campus are designated as “no-passing”. Passing of a moving motor vehicle going in the same direction on a campus street is a moving traffic violation.


  • Acts which create a disturbance in connection with the operation of a motor vehicle on campus are traffic violations. Examples include, but are not limited to: excessive use of the horn, illegal exhaust systems, squealing of tires, excessively loud music, yelling or screaming, or any other act that would tend to create a disturbance. (Registered parades are exceptions.)


  • Driving the wrong way on a one-way street is a moving traffic violation.


  • There is an elementary school zone in effect on North General Pershing Street, Monday thru Friday from 7:00-9:00 a.m. and 2:00-4:00 p.m. on school days. This is also a hands-free zone (no cell phone use).


  • Stopping in a travel lane in such a manner so as to impede the flow of traffic is strictly prohibited. (i.e. dropping off/picking up individual and/or conversing).


Violations, Citations, Fines, and Penalties

  • The campus is located within the city limits of the City of Hammond. Violation of State Traffic Statutes and City of Hammond Traffic Ordinances subjects violators to city prosecution. Individuals involved in moving and other violations of traffic statutes/ordinances may be required to appear in the Hammond City Court. Examples of such violations include, but are not limited to:
      • Exceeding the posted speed limit.
      • Reckless or careless operation.
      • Placing illegal equipment on a motor vehicle.
      • Failure to observe traffic signs and/or signals.
      • Disturbing the peace.
      • Illegally parking in a designated handicapped parking space.
      • Excessive loud music from motor vehicles.
  • Penalties for the following specified offenses shall be determined by the University,

    • Failure to display a current decal, permit, placard or hang tag – $25.00
    • Obstructing traffic or dumpster – $25.00
    • Obstructing sidewalk or crosswalk – $25.00
    • Parking in driveway or loading zone – $50.00
    • Parking on lawn area or yellow curb – $50.00
    • Parking in unauthorized space/area – $50.00
    • Obstructing a disability access ramp or space – $25.00
    • Parking in a space reserved for disability access – $275.00
    • Parking in fire lane and other towable offenses – $50.00
    • Parking backward iin space – $25.00
    • Parked over white lines/taking up two spaces – $25.00
  • Any person who knowingly provides false information to obtain parking privileges may have their parking privileges suspended for a period not to exceed one year.

  • Penalties for parking and moving violations are payable by credit cards through LeoNet, in person or by mail at the office of the SLU Controller (cashiers).
  • Persons who fail to pay the assessed penalty or who fail to initiate the appeal process within six calendar days after the date of the parking violation have waived any right to appeal the citation.

  • Faculty/staff who do not pay outstanding parking and traffic citation fines will have the amount of the fine(s) deducted from their last pay check of the fiscal year or their final paycheck upon resignation/termination from the university.


Motor Vehicle Immobilization and Towing

The University Parking Operations Personnel or the University Police are authorized to immobilize/ tow unattended vehicles on Southeastern’s campus and in public streets within the boundaries of the University Campus and cite persons meeting the following conditions:

    • A vehicle that does not display a current parking hang-tag/decal, has received parking citation(s), and the operator of the vehicle has not reported to the University Parking Operations to identify him/herself as the person who has received the citation(s).
    • An individual has been duly notified that he/she is barred from parking on the campus, but he/she continues to park on the campus. (See Loss of Paraking Privileges section below).
    • A motor vehicle has been found to display an altered, defaced, duplicated, or counterfeited hang-tag/decal, or is displaying a hang-tag/decal that has been reported to the University Police Department and Parking Operations as lost or stolen or was issued to another student and/or employee.

    • A motor vehicle does not display a current hangtag/decal, does not display any license plate, and/or does not have a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) that can be read.
    • A motor vehicle that blocks, hinders, or obstructs a legally parked vehicle, crosswalk, sidewalk, handcapped access area, service drive, or loading zone. 
    • A motor vehicle that is parked in any designated handicapped parking space without an official State handicapped license plate, placard, or hangtag, and without a University handicapped parking hangtag issued by Parking Operation.
    • A rental motor vehicle that is parked on campus and does not display a current hangtag/permit will be immobilized until the driver reports to University Parking Operations to identify him/herself and obtain the proper parking permit.

    • A motor vehicle that is being driven by a visitor to campus, who has previously been advised during the current Academic Year, of the proper parking procedures that must be adhered to while on campus, yet continues to park illegally and in disregard of the parking rules and regulations that govern campus, will be immobilized and the visitor is subject to being banned from campus.
    • Transferring parking hangtag/decal to another individual and/or transferring the decal to another vehicle/motorcycle, the vehicle will remain immobilized until the owner of the vehicle has been identified.
    • The immobilizer fine will be charged in cases when a motor vehicle has been parked in such a manner as to present a severe traffic hazard, or has been abandoned, and must be towed at the expense of the owner.
    • Student/Employees will be responsible for all fines and fees issued to that vehicle while it is immobilized. The motor vehicle is also subject to being towed at the owner’s expense if it has been immobilized for more than 72 hours and the owner/driver has not made any attempt to contact the University Police-Parking Division to identify him/herself and make arrangements to settle the fines and fees associated with the immobilization.

Attempting to, or removal of an immobilizing device attached to a vehicle by the University Parking Office is a criminal offense; and will be subject to criminal and/or administrative sanctions. If immobilization device is damaged or lost due to removal, the individual will be charged with the replacement cost for the device.


Towing – The University reserves the right to tow any vehicle at the owner’s expense for the following violations:

    • An abandoned vehicle in accordance with state law. 
    • Parking in such a manner as to constitute a serious hazard to vehicular or pedestrian traffic.
    • Vehicles that have been immobilized may be towed after a period of 72 hours has elapsed, if no arrangements have been made to settle the fines and fees associated with the immobilization.
    • Barred vehicles that are found to be parked on main campus during their bar period.
    • Vehicles parked on campus that are hindering the performance/function of the University.


Probation/Bar Status

Parking Probation

An individual will be placed on parking probation after he/she receives a parking citation on three (3) separate dates (days) during the current academic year (August through July). Payment of one or all of the citation fines will not have any impact on the individual being placed on parking probation.


Loss of Parking Privileges (Bar Status)

  • An individual will be placed on Bar Status after having been placed on probation and having received a parking citation on the fourth separate date (day) during the current academic year (August through July).


  • Payment of one or all of the citation fines will not have any impact on the individual being placed on Bar Status. The individual will remain barred from parking on campus until all outstanding parking citation fines are paid.


  • During the first bar period of (1) one semester, the individual may park in the Textbook Rental Book Store Parking Area located on North Campus, or their residential life dorm designated area only.


  • If an individual is barred and found to park illegally, the bar period will be extended to the remainder of the academic year.


Operation of Motor Vehicles

Moving Motor Vehicles

All Louisiana statutory laws apply on University property at all times. 


Motor Vehicle Accidents

Any motor vehicle accident resulting in personal injury or property damage shall require the operator to report such accident to the University Police Department and to comply with Louisiana law regarding motor vehicle accidents.


Closed Streets or Areas

No person, other than those who by the nature of their functions are required to do so, shall operate any motor vehicle in or upon any area of the campus which is closed by the use of barricades or other traffic control devices.


Speed Limits

Unless otherwise posted, the speed limit on the campus of Southeastern Louisiana University is fifteen (15) miles per hour.


Disabled Motor Vehicle Parking

Persons who must park in an unauthorized parking area due to a mechanical failure, may obtain temporary permission from Parking Operations and/or University Police Department. Permission will not be granted, or will be rescinded, if the motor vehicle is parked in a manner which impedes vehicular or pedestrian traffic, or is parked in any other unsafe manner.



General Information

Any individual desiring to appeal a parking/traffic citation must submit his/her appeal online through LEONET within seven (7) calendar days of the date of the citation(s). Online appeal forms are available and can be submitted 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. The appeal will be reviewed by the Student Government Association Justices.

  • Before appealing a citation, please review the following instructions:
      • To appeal a citation, first to to your LEONET account, then to SELF SERVICE and CITATION APPEAL. You will need to put in your CITATION NUMBER and LICENSE PLATE # to proceed. Please do not skip spaces between the letters and numbers of the plate. EX: T20003224, NDZ016.
      • If you receive a hand written parking citation, you will need to put three zeros in front of the citation number and then the license plate number. EX: 000765226. If it is a Campus Traffic Citation, you will need to put in two zeros in front of the number and then your license plate number. EX: 001205552.
      • Once a citation is closed, you have 7 calendar days to appeal it. It takes 24-hours for the citation to be downloaded and appealed to your LEONET account. If you receive the citation on a Monday, you should be able to appeal it on a Tuesday after 10: 00 a.m. If the citation is written on a Friday, you should be able to appeal it on the following Monday after 10:00 a.m.
  • The citation being appealed will remain on the individuals account until after a decision has been rendered at which time, if the appeal is approved by the Student Government Association Justices, the citation will then be voided and removed from the individual’s account. You may check the status of your appeal in LEONET at anytime by going online the same as appealing a citation.
  • An appeal will not be considered if one or both of the following administrative requirements are not met:
    • The appeal must be submitted within the seven (7) calendar days mentioned above.
    • The appeal form must be properly completed.
  • Only the individual who obtained the hang-tag/decal can appeal a citation issued against it. In the event the vehicle does not display a parking hangtag/decal, only the individual (student and/or employee) who operates the vehicle on campus may appeal a citation(s) issued to the vehicle.


Anyone receiving a citation has the right to appeal the citation under the following conditions:

  • The appeal must be made within 7 business days from the citation issue date.
  • All appeals must be filed online through LEONET.
  • One “courtesy” void of a citation for failure to display a permit will be allowed for persons who purchases a parking permit. Presentation of the citation must be made at Parking Operations. (Limit one per academic year).
  • All outstanding fines must be paid before a citation can be appealed.
  • Only the individual who obtained the permit can appeal a citation issued against it.
  • In the event the vehicle does not display a parking permit, only the individual who operates the vehicle on campus may appeal a citation(s) issued to the vehicle.


Appeals Process

  • Appellant submits appeal
  • The citation in question is marked on the appellant’s account to show it is under appeal.
  • The Student Government Association Justices reads the appeal and renders a decision.
  • The appellant will find the results of the appeal by the same process as submitting the appeal.
  • If the appeal is found valid the ticket will be voided. If the appeal is mitigated or denied, the appellant is billed.
  • All decisions made by the SGA are final; this process may take 6-12 weeks to complete.


Grounds for Appeal

Appeal only when you have valid grounds. Limit your appeal to the circumstances in which the parking ticket was issued in error. Although all parking and traffic citation appeals will be considered, if the facts show that you committed a violation of the parking rules, your appeal will most likely be denied regardless of the reason or excuse. The issue of your appeal is not whether the parking regulations are fair, but whether you violated those regulations. Below are examples of seldom granted appeals:

  • Lack of knowledge/understanding of parking regulations
  • Legal parking space was unavailable
  • Improper display or failure to display the current parking permit
  • Inclement weather
  • Late arrival for class, meeting, appointment
  • Parking in a handicap space without the proper State and University permits
  • Parked only for a short time
  • Disagreement with or inability to pay the amount of the fine
  • Did not see a parking sign
  • Left my permit hanging in another vehicle