Web Publishing Services

Web Services

Identify Your Content Contributor
Since OU Campus is permissions-based, units will need to notify the Web Site Coordinator of any changes they wish to make with regard to Content Contributors in their unit.

Identify Your Content Approver
Content approver's must be full time faculty or staff and must have attended OUCampus training.

Photo/Graphic Image Request Form
Complete the Photo/Graphic Image Request Form to request any photographs and/or graphic images you need. You may also attach your own photos to this form to have them enhanced and sized for you.

Request New Web Space in OU Campus
Use this form to request new Web space in OU Campus for a new department, unit or program. If requesting new Web space in OU Campus you will also need to fill out the Template Choice Form.


Request Non-OU Campus Web Space or Change your FTP password
To request non-OU Campus web space please email webmaster@southeastern.edu. Examples of non-OU Campus sites are faculty Web pages and student/staff organizations.


Request a Short URL (Redirect)
A redirect is a short URL for your site that simplifies your Web address for the purposes of publications, business cards, and other literature.  To request a redirect, please email web@southeastern.edu.