Adapted Physical Education

*** Add-On Certification ***


To add Adapted Physical Education to a valid Type A, B, C, Level 1, 2, or 3 Louisiana certificate in Physical Education you must complete the 21 semester hours of coursework listed below:




Semester Hours


A. Basic Requirements:

  1. State Certification in Physical Education (Which must include Items 2, 3, and 4)  
KIN 321 or 612 2. Motor Development and Learning 3
SPED 200 or 600 3. Introduction to the study of Exceptional Children 3
KIN 431 or 604 or EDUC 407 or 533 4. Test and Measurements (Physical Education or Educational or Psychological) 3

B. Specialized Requirements:

KIN 491 or 591 1. Introducing Physical Education for All Children with Disabilities 3
KIN 492 or 592 2.a. Behavioral and Educational Impairment and Physical Education 2
2.b. Practicum in Behavioral and Educational Impairment and Physical Education 1
KIN 493 or 593 3.a. Chronic Disability and Physical Education 2
3.b. Practicum in Chronic Disability and Physical Education 1
KIN 494 or 594 4. The Physical Education Curriculum for All Children with Disabilities(Prerequisite: Courses 1 through 3.a.) 3


If you have completed all 21 semester hours as listed above and wish to receive a formal evaluation for the purpose of obtaining additional certification, you must send your official transcript(s) with a completed Change-of-Action Packet to the Louisiana Department of Education, Division of Teacher Certification and Higher Education. If you have any questions concerning this procedure, you may call 1-877-453-2721.