All Level (K-12) Area Add-On

in Art, Dance, Foreign Language, Health/Physical Education, and Music

The chart below identifies requirements to be completed in order to add-on a certification level and/or a certification area within levels to an existing valid teaching certificate.







  • For individual holding a valid early childhood certificate (PK-K, PK-3),


  • elementary certificate (e.g., 1-4, 1-5, 1-6, 1-8),


  • upper elementary or middle school certificate (e.g., 4-8, 5-8, 6-8),


  • secondary certificate (e.g., 6-12, 7-12, 9-12),


  • special education certificate, or


  • an all level K-12 certificate (art, dance,foreign language, health, PE, H&PE, music)




    • Achieve passing scores for PRAXIS specialty area exam in area of endorsement


  • Accumulate 30 semester hours in the specialty area

NOTE: for any foreign language add-on after 6/30/13 a passing Praxis score for World Languages Pedagogy (0841 or 5841) is required.



NOTE: An individual already certified in one Music Education area (Instrumental Music OR Vocal Music) may add the second music area with coursework, as follows:

  • To add Instructional Music, 12 semester hours to include brass, percussion, string, and woodwind instruments
  • To add Vocal Music, 12 semester hours to include piano and voice.





NOTE: Add-on (endorsement certifications not identified in this proposed policy will continue to follow requirements currently in place in Bulletin 746.


Endorsement (Add-on) Policy, October 2003 (Revised December 2003, June 2004, October 2006)