English as a Second Language


To add English as a Second Language, any teacher who holds a valid Type A, B, C, Level 1, 2, or 3 Louisiana certificate must complete the first 12 semester hours listed below:


Course Number

Name of course


EDU 416/516

Methods of Teaching English as a Second Language


COMM 410/510

Intercultural Communication


ENGL 414/524

Introduction to Linguistics and Modern Grammars


EDU 428/528

Curriculum Design for Teaching English as a Second Language


EDUC 550

Practicum in Second Language Teaching

This course is not required for add-on certification, but is required

for a Post Baccalaureate Certificate.




Note: English as a Second Language certification will be valid only in the teaching area(s) in which one is certified. This certification area applies only to teachers of children with limited English-speaking ability.


If you have completed the first 12 semester hours listed above and wish to receive a formal evaluation for the purpose of obtaining additional certification, you must send your official transcript(s) with a completed Change-of-Action Packet to the Louisiana Department of Education, Division of Teacher Certification and Higher Education. If you have any questions concerning this procedure, you may call 1-877-453-2721.