Certification-Only Alternate Program

100% Online 

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Our Certification-Only Alternate Program allows you to work toward certification while working full-time as a teacher of record with full salary. Our program consists of 30 credit hours of coursework and is 100% online. Once officially admitted to the program and when you are eligible for a practitioner's license (PL), you can be hired as a full-time teacher of record in an accredited school and teach while completing coursework. 


Certification Offerings

Our program offers certification in the following areas: 

  • Elementary Education Grades 1-5 
  • Secondary Education 6-12 with Focus Area
    • Biology, Business Education, Chemistry, English, Mathematics, Physics, Social Studies, and Speech
  • Grades K-12 with Focus Area
    • Art, Health and Physical Education, Music (Vocal), Music (Instrumental), Spanish, and French
  • Special Education Early Intervention: Birth-5
  • Special Education Grades 1-5
  • Special Education Grades 6-12 with Focus Area 

Instrumental and Vocal Music Education candidates must meet all of the music prerequisite requirements. Your transcript will be reviewed by the Department Head of Music and Performing Arts. Contact Ms. Joan Penton at jpenton@southeastern.edu for the requirements.

Requirements for Official Admission

If you have met all the GPA and Praxis requirements listed here and would like to schedule an appointment to have your transcript(s), ACT and/or Praxis scores evaluated, please contact Ms. Joan Penton in the College of Education at jpenton@southeastern.edu 

Practitioner's License

Once officially admitted to the program and when you are eligible for a practitioner’s license (PL), you can be hired as a full-time teacher of record in an accredited school and teach while completing coursework. To be eligible for a PL, you must complete 2 courses (6 credit hours) or have teaching experience as a full-time teacher of record in your certification area in an accredited school with verification by employing school system that mentoring policy adopted by the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education has been completed.

PRAXIS Information and PRAXIS Preparation Resources

LDOE Praxis Score Requirements

Praxis Preparation Resources (Some of the links may have changed, so you may want to do additional research for more current preparation materials.)

ETS Testing and The Global Pandemic

Tuition & Fees

All fee payments must be made via LeoNet (Self Service>Campus Finances>Make a Payment via Nelnet) or by mailing a check, money order, or cashier's check to SLU, Controller's Office, SLU 10720, Hammond, LA  70402.  For assistance, please email studentaccounts@southeastern.edu or controller@southeastern.edu

The amounts below are subject to change so continue to check the link provided. http://www.southeastern.edu/ admin/controller/tuition/ index.html

Application Information

Those seeking to apply for the Certification-only program should not already have their initial teacher certification (see the Add-on Certification or Master of Education page if you are a certified teacher). 

When applying for the Certification-only program, you will apply as a graduate student for a non-degree certification.

Contact Us

Email Ms. Joan Penton at jpenton@southeastern.edu or collegeofeducation@southeastern.edu for more information or to apply for the Certification-Only Alternate Program.

Email Dr. Susan Zimlich at master.educ@southeastern.edu for more information or to apply for the Master's Alternate Certification Program. 

*After successful completion of all requirements in the Alternate Certification program, students may be eligible for recommendation to the Louisiana Department of Education for teacher certification in their area of certification.