Dr. Harold Davis

Harold DavisDegrees:

D.B.A (Accounting), Louisiana Tech University, 2002

M.B.A, Southeastern Louisiana University, 1993

B.S. (Accounting), Southeastern Louisiana University, 1985

A.S. (Computer Science), Southeastern Louisiana University, 1985 


Brief Bio: 

Dr. Harold E. Davis, DBA, is an Associate Professor of accounting in the Department of Accounting and Finance at Southeastern Louisiana University. Dr. Davis teaches courses in principles of financial accounting and accounting information systems. His research interest include those related to the effects of new technology on accounting and accounting systems and those related to teaching accounting and accounting program policies and curriculum. Dr. Davis also serves on a number of institutional assessment committees related to maintaining accreditation at the university, college, and department levels.


Selected Publications:

Davis, H. E. & DiGregorio, D. (2016). The Effect and Implications of Progression Policies on Accounting Student Retention and Advancement. Academy of Educational Leadership Journal, 20 (3), 72-79.

Honoree, A.L., Davis, H.E., & Lopez, T.T. (2016). Motivating Faculty Engagement in Assurance of Learning Using the Job Characteristics Model. Business Education & Accreditation, 8 (2), 1-12.

Davis, H. E. & Jones, K. T. (2014). The Impact of Changes in Accounting Program Retention Policies.Journal of Business and Accounting, 7 (1), 32-39.

Cudd, M., Davis, H., & Eduardo, M. (2012). Institutional Investors, Security Issuance Decisions, and Decision Short-Cuts. Journal of Business and Behavioral Sciences, 9 (1), 106-118.

DeFranceschi, J., Titard, P., & Davis, H. (2011). Exam Fairness: The Effect of Blue Paper Versus White Paper on Student Performance. The Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice, 11 (1), 32-38.

Cope, R. F., Cope, R. F., Davis, H. E. (2008). Disney's Virtual Queues: A Strategic Opportunity To Co-Brand Services?   Journal of Business and Economics Research, 6 (10), 13-20.

Davis, H. E. & Luehlfing, M. (2004). Radio Frequency Identification: The Wave of the Future. Journal of Accountancy, 198 (5), 43-49.