Dr. Robert Braun

Dr. Robert Braun

Ph.D. Louisiana State University, December, 1994 Major: Accounting. Specialty: Information Systems

B.S., Kansas State University, May 1988 Major: Accounting


Brief Bio:

Robert L. Braun, Ph. D., is the head of the Department of Accounting and Finance and the Phil K. Livingston Professor of Accounting at Southeastern Louisiana University. He has published over 25 scholarly journal articles including publications in Accounting Organizations and Society, Issues in Accounting Education, and the Journal of Accountancy. He serves on the editorial board of Issues in Accounting Education and conducts training on ethics and decision making for accounting professionals. Research interests include the examination and advancement of ethics in the accounting profession, pedagogical inquiry, and auditing behavior. Teaching interests include ethics, auditing, and principles of accounting.


Selected Publications:
"The Effect of Time Pressure on Auditor Attention to Qualitative Aspects of Misstatements Indicative of Potential Fraudulent Financial Reporting," Accounting Organizations and Society, Volume 25, pp. 243-259.


 “If You Need Love, Get a Puppy: A Case Study on Professional Skepticism and Auditor Independence” Issues in Accounting Education, 2009 Vol. 24 No. 2. 237-252 . (with H. Lynn Stallworth)


“Call of Duty: A Framework for Auditors’ Ethical Decisions” in S. Mintz (ed) Accounting for the Public Interest: Perspectives on Accountability, Professionalism, and Role in Society. 2013. Springer-Verlag,. 3-26 (with Mike Shaub)


"The Impact of Income Type and Income Level on Tax Preparation Fees: An Empirical Investigation," Advances in Accounting, 2002, vol. 19, 189-213. (With Shawn Mauldin, Phillip Brown, and Morris Stocks).


"Stretching the CPA Brand: The Student Perspective," CPA Journal, September 2001, 56-57. (with Shawn Mauldin and Stacy Daigle).