Southeastern welcomes students back for the start of classes this week while we continue to keep all faculty, staff and students who are not yet able to make it to campus in our thoughts as the region works to recover from devastating flooding.
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Dr. Volker Stiller

Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

Dr. Volker Stiller

Ph.D., University of Bayreuth, 1997


Office: 303 Biology Building

Phone: (985) 549-2493

Office Hours: posted outsideoffice and by appointment


Teaching Expertise: General Biology, Plant Ecophysiology, Plant Anatomy

Links:Volker Stiller's Web Page


Research Interests: "I am broadly interested in how xylem structure supports xylem function. One aspect of this research is water transport and xylem cavitation in rice ( Oryza sativa L.) and its implications for gas-exchange and growth."