Outstanding Honors Senior

Southeastern Louisiana University biological sciences graduate student Zachary Leggett ties plants to a floating platform he constructed that will serve as a floating marshland to help clean stormwater contamination in the Del Sol subdivision in St. Tammany Parish. - See more at: http://www.southeastern.edu/news_media/news_releases/2016/september/floating_marshland.html#sthash.u6Sw0R4g.dpuf

Graduating senior Kevin Bokun was named the Outstanding Senior in Southeastern’s Honors Program. He received the award for undergraduate research that he conducted with Dr. Penny Shockett and Dr. John O’Reilly. Kevin studied how cystein substitution affects the slow inactivation of skeletal muscle sodium channels. He will attend medical school in the Fall.

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Outstanding Honors Senior

Students celebrate Darwin Day

In celebration of DarwinDay, Southeastern biology students created a version of Charles Darwin’s “Tree of Life,” a diagram depicting the evolution of all known living things. The diagram with explanations can be seen for a short time in the North Pine Street circle in front of the Biology Building.

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Students celebrate Darwin Day

Biology graduate students looking for invasive species

The invasion of non-native species is a problem that isn’t going away. Graduate students Tim Borgardt, James Erdmann, and Cody Godwin have been doing their part to fix this. Over the past year they have published articles on the continued spread of non-native species in southeastern Louisiana and a new techniques for capturing local reptiles.

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patrolling for invasive species

Out with the old and in with the new

Dr. Gary Childers, leader of our Microbiology team, proudly poses with a brand new autoclave. Thanks to a partnership with LSU's Louisiana Biomedical Research Infrastructure Network (LBRN), Southeastern was able to purchase a new autoclave. This is just an example of the ways that Southeastern biologists partner with our friends at LSU.

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New Autoclave

Faculty Member named NSF Program Director

Dr. Janice Bossart is spending two years serving the U.S. scientific community as a Program Director at the National Science Foundation (NSF). Bossart’s role is to coordinate the review of grant proposals to the NSF, which funds hundreds of the finest research programs in the world.

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Dr. Janice Bossart

Southeastern Biologist and the Tradition of Turtle Protection

Biology Professor Roldan Valverde is following in historic footsteps. He recently became the Scientific Director of The Sea Turtle Conservancy, whose first director, Archie Carr, was the most important turtle biologist of all time. Valverde is a perfect fit for this tradition being a turtle conservationist and endocrinologist.

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Biological Sciences

The Department of Biological Science offers coursework in a wide variety of disciplines and boasts many strong, well-funded research programs. 

We serve more than 12,000 students each year in modern facilities with cutting-edge instrumentation, and we emphasize inquiry-based, hands-on instruction. Our department has 37 full-time faculty and more than 900 undergraduate and graduate students.  


  • Concentrations in ecology/environmental/evolutionary biology, microbiology/molecular biology, organismal/integrative biology and science education

  • Honors curriculum is available

  • Closely affiliated with Southeastern's Turtle Cove Environmental Research Station near Manchac

  • Summer study abroad programs in Costa Rica




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 Dr. Roldan Valverde

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Roldan Valverde

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Title: Sea turtles in Paradise: A history of sea turtle biology and conservation

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