Graduate Faculty in English


David Armand, Writer-in-Residence, M.A., Southeastern Louisiana Univeristy: Creative Writing and Contemporary American Literature 

Jack B. Bedell, Professor, Ph.D., University of Louisiana at Lafayette: Creative Writing, Poetry

Reine Bouton, Associate Professor, Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi: Modern American and British Literature, Travel Writing, Southern Literature, Composition and Rhetoric, Eudora Welty

Claire Denelle Cowart, Assistant Professor, Ph.D., State University of New York at Stony Brook: 20th Century British Literature, Irish Literature, Victorian Literature, 17th Century Literature, Detective Fiction, Literature and Film

Joan Faust, Professor, Ph.D., Louisiana State University: Seventeenth-Century Nondramatic Literature

Thomas Fick, Professor, Ph.D., Indiana University: American Literature

Samuel J. Fuller, Assistant Professor, PhD, Clemson University: Rhetorics, Communication, Information Design, and Publishing Studies

Joel Fredell, Professor, Ph.D., Indiana University: Medieval Literature

Timothy Gautreaux, Distinguished Writer-in-Residence, Ph.D., University of South Carolina: Fiction Writing

Eva Gold, Professor, Ph.D., Indiana University: Renaissance Literature, Women's Studies

David C. Hanson, Professor, Ph.D., University of Chicago: Nineteenth-Century British Literature, Bibliography and Textual Criticism

Jason Landrum, Associate Professor, Ph.D., Oklahoma State University: Film Studies, Critical Theory, and Contemporary Literature

Richard Louth, Professor, Ph.D., University of Virginia: Composition, World and Southern Literature

Christine M. Mitchell, Associate Professor, Ph.D, University of Louisiana at Lafayette: Professional Writing, Rhetoric, Composition, ESL

Alison Pelegrin, Instructor, M.F.A., University of Arkansas: Creative Writing, Poetry

Leilya A. Pitre, Assistant Professor, Ph. D., Louisiana State University: Curriculum and Instruction, English Education, Teacher Preparation, Young Adult and Multicultural Literature

Ziba Rashidian, Associate Professor, Ph.D., State University of New York, Buffalo: Critical Theory, Animal Studies, Post-Colonialism and Comparative Modernism, Poetry and Poetics

Paul Sawyer, Associate Professor, Ph.D., Illinois State University: Technical Writing

Jayetta Slawson, Associate Professor, Ph.D., New York University: Drama and Performance Studies

Jeffery Wiemelt, Associate Professor, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin: Composition, Linguistics

Natasha L. Whitton, Instructor, Ph.D., Drew University: Composition, American Cultural History and Literature, Women's Studies, African American Literature, Auto/Biography, Pedagogy, Asian Literature, the Bible as Literature, History of Science and Interdisciplinary Studies