Frequently Asked Questions

When can I begin my internship?

HS/KIN 410 is offered only in the Spring and Fall semesters.
For liability purposes, internships generally occur during the semester timeframe. 


Can I go to an internship site outside of Louisiana?

Yes. It will probably take longer to establish a contract with an out-of-state internship site, so if you plan to go out of state, begin your process early.

Read through the policy on out-of-state internships.


Can I get paid by my internship site?

All in-state internships are unpaid.

You cannot intern at a work site where you are employed, nor receive any pay from the site for time spent there during internship.

Travel expenses paid by the internship site are allowed.

Competitive out-of-state Internship sites may provide a stipend to offset travel and living costs; however, documentation must be provided to the internship committee if a stipend is attached to the internship.

Can I intern at two different sites?

You must intern at one site only, and it must be in the region surrounding Hammond (e.g., Baton Rouge, Covington, Mandeville, New Orleans) unless you receive prior approval for an out-of-state site.


Can I conduct an internship at a site not on the department list?

If an internship site is not on the department list, a contract with the site is needed. 

All internship sites must be approved by the department. 

An internship contract must be generated and signed by the university and an authorized person from the intern site the semester prior to interning.


When should I begin looking for an internship site?

Your internship site should be selected and approved the semester prior to registering for HS/KIN 410. It is a good idea to begin considering the various site options one year before you plan to intern.


Who do I see about my internship?

Begin by speaking with your academic advisor about the internship. The faculty member will help you select an appropriate site and give you further information about each site.

Where should I do my internship?

Your choice of an internship site depends on your career goals and your personal/professional needs.

It helps if you can decide on what type of population you would like to work with, and in what type of setting. You may want to work in a variety of different arenas, such as a clinical setting, a school, a public health agency, or a non-profit agency. Or you may want to work with a professional organization, such as the New Orleans Saints or the American Heart Association.