• Dr. Cindi Baldi

    Dr. Cindi Baldi

    " Arguments are just negotiations that took a wrong turn. This can largely be avoided by not raising the volume on the way you express your emotions, even when the other party does so. If you stay calm, they will come back to your level of emotional expression. "

  • Dr. André L. Honorée

    Dr. André L. Honorée

    " For me, the best part of teaching the capstone course (Business Strategy) is witnessing the sense of accomplishment and confidence on the faces of students as they successfully demonstrate their ability to integrate and apply concepts from their studies of diverse business disciplines. "

  • Dr. Carl Phillips

    Dr. Carl Phillips

    " Human Resource Management includes recruiting/selection, performance evaluation, compensation, training/development, and employee relations. We offer a strong program that prepares students for jobs in these areas. Students have many opportunities, including the chance to be a member of our award-winning SHRM chapter. I welcome the opportunity to speak with you about this exciting field. "

  • Dr. Matthew Alford

    Dr. Matthew Alford

    " I chose Economics because I found myself applying the concepts I learned in the classroom to situations in my personal and professional life on a daily basis. My goal is to help students incorporate those same principles into their lives and careers as well. "

  • Dr. Sam Cappel

    Dr. Sam Cappel

    " I teach business strategy so that students are prepared to contribute to the success of their employer or their own business. During my class students have the opportunity to study the strategies of successful companies in real time, and propose improvements in the strategies employed by these companies. "

Management and Business Administration

Southeastern's Management and Business Administration degree programs emphasize the development of professional business skills and competencies, preparing students for leadership positions in industry.

Our undergraduate program in Business Administration provides exposure to all core areas of business, while our Management program offers distinct concentrations in General Management, Human Resource Management, International Management, and Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management. Explore our degree programs and envision a career that allows you to gain and use skills in one of these exciting areas.


  • AACSB-I accredited program

  • Faculty includes 16 tenured or tenure-track faculty who have published research in their respective academic disciplines

  • The Human Resources Management concentration addresses regional workforce demands

  • International programs, such as study abroad and Latin American Business and Development Initiative, serve southeast Louisiana and the U.S. Latin community





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