Call for Submissions


Submissions are accepted year-round.


Upon submission, all works are subject to peer review with individual editors or instructors representing each genre and judging for quality, content, originality, and creativity. Students whose works are conditionally accepted may be required to meet with an editor to discuss necessary revisions prior to publication.



General Submission Guidelines

  • Students may submit as many works as they wish but not all may be accepted for publication.

  • Multiple authors or artists working on an individual piece must each fill out separate forms.

  • Submissions may include, but are not limited to, short stories, novel excerpts, vignettes, flash fiction, poetry, plays, screenplays, monologues, musical compositions, lyrics, films and videos, photography (including photos of ceramics and sculptures), line art, and prints. Novels, novellas, and reviews will not be accepted. Please see the appropriate submission form for more detailed submission guidelines pertaining to the chosen artistic medium (Art, Drama, Fiction, Poetry, Music, and Video).

  • No work that has been previously published, distributed, or accepted for publication or distribution elsewhere shall be eligible for publication in Gambit.

  • All submission information and release authorization sections must be completed in their entirety.

  • Work shall be submitted in the form of one hard copy and one electronic copy on a CD, DVD, or e-mail attachment, sent to the proper party (see appropriate submission form for the specific address).

  • Printed word materials should adhere to a 12-point, readable font and be double-spaced (unless artistic or structural needs call for otherwise).



Submission Forms

Art Submission Form*

(Photography, Print, Photos of Sculpture, etc.)


Literature Submission Form*

(Drama, Fiction, Poetry, Screenplay, etc.)


Music Submission Form*

(Any genre; Composed, Performed, or Recorded by Southeastern students, solo or group projects.)


Video Submission Form*

(Any genre, most formats considered, see form for specific requirements.)


* All submission information and release authorization sections must be completed and signed prior to consideration.


Submission forms are also available in the Writing Center.