• Digital Humanities

    Digital Humanities

    Our program features instruction and research in the field of digital humanities, where computing and the disciplines of the humanities intersect. Students assist with research devoted to the analysis and presentation of information in electronic form.

  • Global Reach

    Global Reach

    Our faculty members are internationally acclaimed for scholarship and creativity, and the Writing Project links local teachers to a national network of outstanding educators.

  • Why Major in English?

    Why Major in English?

    Our program fosters the ability to read and write critically and imaginatively and to instill an appreciation of the power of language to shape thought and represent the world. We prepare students for graduate study and develop practical skills for professions, including education, law, professional writing, and the arts.

  • Excellent Faculty

    Excellent Faculty

    Congratulations to Dr. Richard Louth, honored at the 2018 University Convocation for his 40 years of outstanding teaching in the English Department. Congratulations also to D Vickers custodian Mildred Bryant for 40 years of loyal service.

  • Excellent Faculty

    Excellent Faculty

    Professor Jack Bedell holds the distinguished post of Louisiana Poet Laureate, 2017-2019.

  • Real World Ready

    Real World Ready

    Students present their research at the conference, A Celebration of Research and Creativity. Presenters included Jewel Davenport (shown), Jenna Devillier, Taryn Dixon, Jensin Lopez, Jannah Mitchell, Trenton Nichols, Bailee Owens, Brianna Poché, Kaisey Seegmiller, Rocky Stewart, Rachel Taylor, and Brenda Tuminaro.


The Department of English prepares students for a variety of professions, including creative writing, professional writing, education, publishing, law and other careers requiring a strong foundation in writing and liberal arts.

Our students learn about literature from ancient times to the present, creative writing, web design, linguistics and local dialects, the teaching of writing and literature, film, drama and performance studies, and much more.


  • Personal interaction with Writers in Residence and Visiting Writers of international stature

  • Academic support through the Southeastern Writing Center

  • In-service teacher support through the Southeast Writing Project

  • Special programs in Professional Writing and Publishing Studies

  • Department supports two student journals, two professional journals, and a press




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