• Online and Virtual Teaching Checklist of Basic Skills

    Online and Virtual Teaching Checklist of Basic Skills

    Teaching Online or Virtual requires that you have proper training in order to be successful. Click to assess how ready you are to provide a quality learning experience in the Online, Virtual, or some combination of the two, environment.


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Welcome to the Center! Our mission is to facilitate the professional development of faculty in their pursuit of excellence in teaching, research and service. Please explore our website to learn about our training and grant opportunities, as well as a host of other resources to support your professional development and career advancement.

COVID-19 Concerns:  Addressing Protocol Issues

Tune in to this previously recorded session, moderated by the Center's director, Dr. Mary Ballard, to learn more about Southeastern 's COVID-19 protocols for Spring 2021. Speakers included:

  • Dr. Gabe Willis, Dean of Students

  • Curtis Meyers, Director, Student Advocacy and Accountability

  • Kim Bergeron, Director, Student Accessibility Services

Teaching online? Take the course:

Teaching Online at Southeastern:  Teaching by a New Code

A course to assist you in planning, developing and teaching your Online, Virtual and Hybrid courses!

This extensive course is located in Moodle and teaches the best skills and practices for teaching in the online environment.  Based upon the format of your class, you may select one or more of the three pathways to earn the credential that's right for you.  Or, you may decide to complete all three pathways and earn four credentials: Online, Hybrid (F2F/Online), Virtual and Hybrid (F2F/Virtual).  

Go beyond the "buttonology" taught in workshops and webinars and learn the basics of proper course design and alignment.  This course also serves as a model course and meets all certification standards.

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Louis Le Guyader (Accounting) and honors accounting major Israel Thacker earned a best paper award at the Academy of Business Research’s Winter Virtual Conference in January for their paper “Covid-19 Impacts on Liquidity.”  The paper and presentation were based on a database created as part of Israel’s honors work in conjunction with ACCT 313 (Intermediate Accounting III). 


Abbe Babson (English) was the guest lecturer at Les Causeries de Lundi, a French cultural group in New Orleans, where she gave a talk on medieval literature titled “Le Monde Médiéval Réimaginé Par Christine de Pisan” (The Medieval World Reimagined by Christine de Pizan). She also had her poems “Post-Factual Modernism,” “Madison Avenue Haiku,” and “Where Louis, Lestat and I Bar-Crawl Bourbon Street” appear in the current issue of One Art: A Poetry Journal.


David Wyld (Management), Mike Budden (Marketing) and Heather Budden (Management/CSE) had “The Retail Apocalypse as a Critical-Thinking Classroom Exercise,” accepted for publication in the European Journal of Business and Management Research.             


Jean Fotie (Chemistry and Physics) published a paper titled “Synthesis, inverse docking-assisted identification and in vitro biological characterization of Flavonol-based analogs of fisetin as c-Kit, CDK2 and mTOR inhibitors against melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers” in Bioorganic Chemistry 2021, 107, 104595. The report is part of a collaborative project on the development of potential new chemotherapeutics against melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers, with the School of Basic Pharmaceutical and Toxicological Science of the College of Pharmacy at the University of Louisiana-Monroe.