Departmental Mail Procedures

Departments are asked to separate mail into four sections when dropping off for delivery:

1. All campus mail

2. Stamped, personal mail, and postage paid mail

3. Mail to be metered (see below for details)

4. Mass mail (i.e. post cards, brochures, circulars, etc.) Full-page brochures and circulars must be tri-folded before placing them in boxes.

Properly sorted mail assists us in preventing delays in processing.

Campus Mail

Campus mail is sorted and distributed throughout the day. In order to allow for processing on the same day, please have your campus mail delivered to the Post Office by 1:00 p.m. Campus mail must have complete addresses in the “To” and “From” fields and must include the box number of the recipient. When reusing an inter-department envelope, be sure to cross out the previous address on the envelope.

Departmental Box Policy

Departmental boxes are for University business only. Faculty and staff may not receive personal mail in the departmental box. No mail can be forwarded out of an open box.

Departments should use the following format to receive USPS, UPS, and FedEx deliveries:

SLU (box number)

Newly hired faculty/staff members who are in the process of finalizing living arrangements may use the General Delivery address. The Document Source must be notified if the General Delivery address is to be used. Only the person whose name is on the general delivery mail can retrieve the mail. General Delivery is a free service that can only be used for 30 days. General Delivery mail should be addressed as follows:

John Doe

General Delivery

Hammond, LA 70402

Faculty/staff members have two options when renting an annual box for personal use. One option is to pay the full $40.00 due in August, or to pay the semester rates of $16.00 for the Fall or Spring and $8.00 for the Summer. These rental options are also available to the public, excluding Southeastern students (please see Postal Information for Students for student policies).

Metered Mail

Meter machine operation begins at 10:00 a.m. Monday through Friday. Mail is metered throughout the day until courier pick-up at 3:00 p.m. (Monday through Thursday; on Fridays metered mail is brought to the local post office at 12:15 p.m.)  We process mail until picked up by the courier for the current day.  In order to ensure that the mail is processed the same day, we request that we receive it no later than 2:30 p.m.

All mail to be metered must be dropped off at the Document Source customer service counter.  Department name and Budget number must also be provided. Budget number must be written visibly on the mail to be metered or it will be returned to the department. All mail must have complete “To” and “From” addresses.

Please be sure to include the departmental budget number on mail to be metered. Proper placement of address is critical. For all letters, large envelopes, and parcels, the Return Address is always placed in the upper left-hand corner and the Sender’s Address is placed just below and to the left of center. Also, please take care to keep any International Mail separate from Domestic Mail. The country of destination is required on International Mail following the address. According to the International Mail Manual from USPS, “The delivery address should be printed in all UPPERCASE letters. The name of the place of destination and the name of the country of destination must be written in UPPERCASE letters together with the correct post code number or delivery zone number, if any. If possible, the address should have no more than five lines.” For example:

Mr John Clarkson Ms J D Staton
120 Rowan Drive Apartado 1456

To Canada, there must be two spaces between the province abbreviation and the postal code, as shown below between “ON” and “KIA 0B1”: “(IMM-USPS)

Ms Hannah Sellers
2525 Clearing Street

Whenever necessary, be sure to include completed Customs forms, taking care to list each item contained in the package even if there are only documents inside. (Examples of documents may include letters, contracts, applications, money orders, personal checks, etc.) This is required by the U.S. Customs agency, and when done properly, will reduce the likely hood of delays in delivery of your package. These simple steps will help the Document Source and USPS process the mail in a more efficient and timely fashion.