Frequently Asked Questions

 Mail FAQs

Can University employees receive personal mail in a department's box?

Departmental boxes are for University business only.

Who can rent a campus rental box?

Campus rental boxes are available for rent to students, faculty, staff, or the public. A valid form of photo ID is required.

How much does it cost to rent a campus rental box?

The cost to open a new box for the Fall or Spring semester is $16.00 (cash or check with ID accepted). The cost to open a new box for the Summer is $8.00. Renewals are $16.00 per Spring or Fall semester and $8.00 for the Summer. Students residing in any of the 8 contemporary residence halls will have access to on-site rental boxes at no additional charge.Faculty/staff members have two options when renting an annual box for personal use. One option is to pay the full $40.00 due in August. A second option is to pay the semester rates of $16.00 for the Fall or Spring and $8.00 for the Summer.These rental options are also available to the public (not including Southeastern students).

Do both addresses need to be included on a Campus Mail envelope?

Campus mail must have complete addresses in the "To" and "From" fields and must include the box number of the recipient. When re-using an inter-department envelope, be sure to cross out the previous address on the envelope.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Services can be paid with either cash, check, credit card, debit card or Lion's Lagniappe (with proper ID). 

Can I share a box with a friend?

University policy prohibits the sharing of boxes except by spouse or sibling.

Can I ship packages from vendors such as FedEx or UPS from the University Mail Center?


How do I receive a package that is shipped to my University address?

Packages sent via USPS should be shipped as follows:Your Name
Your Box Number
Hammond, LA 70402Packages sent via alternate carriers (ex. FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc.), should be shipped as follows:

Your Name
Your Box Number
c/o 2400 N. Oak Street
Hammond, LA 70402

Upon receiving packages other than USPS, the Southeastern Receiving Station delivers the packages to the University Mail Center. At that time a notice in the form of a card is placed in the patron's box. In order to receive the package(s), all notices must be presented to the employee at the front counter by the recipient who must sign and print their name on the notice for verification of receipt of the package(s).

Can I have my mail forwarded to a new address?

Federal law prohibits mail from being permanently forwarded from an open box. The patron must close the box, return the key, and fill out a Change of Address form in person.

What is the procedure for preparing Domestic and International mail to be metered?

All mail to be metered must be dropped off at the front counter at the University Mail Center and signed in by the person leaving it. Department name and Budget number must also be provided. Mail must be sorted by Departments and placed in the appropriate bins labeled "Handwritten" and "Typed". Budget number must be written visibly on the mail to be metered or it will be returned to the department. All mail must have completed "To" and "From" addresses.Please be sure to keep Domestic and International mail separate. The country of destination is required on International Mail following the address.Meter machine operation begins at 10:00 a.m. Monday through Friday. Mail is metered throughout the day until courier pick-up at 3:00 p.m.

What is the correct procedure for addressing Domestic Mail?

 The correct placement for the Return address is the upper left corner of the envelope or address label. The address of the designee/recipient should be placed slightly below and to the left of center of the envelope and the postage should be placed in the upper rightcorner of the envelope or item to be mailed. Please note that a return address must always be included. An article that does not have a return address, if undeliverable, will be sent to the Dead Letter Office in Atlanta, GA. Do not secure postage with tape. The item will be returned to sender as undeliverable.

What is the correct procedure for addressing International Mail?

When addressing International Mail, the delivery address should be printed in all uppercase letters. The name of the place of destination and the name of the country of destination must be written in capital letters together with the correct post code number or delivery zone number, if any. If possible, the address should have no more than five lines. Some examples:

Mr John Clarkson
120 Rowan Drive
Apartado 1456

Exception: to Canada, there must be two spaces between the province abbreviation and the postal code, as shown below.

Ms Hannah Sellers
2525 Clearing Street

Whenever necessary, be sure to include completed Customs forms, taking care to list each item contained in the package (includinga list of perdocumentssuch as letters, checks, money orders, etc.).Pleasesee the InternationalMail Manual available in theUniversity Post Office for more details on International Mail Procedures.

What are the correct procedures for addressing mail being sent to military bases?

Mail addressed to an APO or FPO should not include the city or country name. Including the city or country name results in the mail being sent to the international post office instead of the military post office. Examples are below:

PSC 3 BOX 4120
APO AE 09021

PSC 3 BOX 4120
APO AE 09021

Where can I purchase mailing/shipping supplies on campus?

Mailing supplies such as Priority/Express envelopes, boxes and labels are located inside the Document Source at no charge. The University Bookstore and the Document Source sell stamps and envelopes.

What is the campus mail delivery schedule?

 We deliver Departmental Mail to North Campus by 1:00 p.m. Monday - Thursday.



 Print FAQs

Can the Document Source print any job?

Our associates are professional and offer expert assistance to all customers. We will strive to meet turnaround times and material requirements. However, it is against policy to duplicate copyrighted materials. We do offer copyright clearance for your convenience.

How do I submit a print job request to the Document Center?

The document to be copied must be submitted by email to or in person.  When submitting your request, you will be asked to provide the following information:

Budget Unit Number
Date/Time Submitted
Date/Time Due
Department Head (and signature if required by department)
Phone Number
Requester's Name
Number of Originals
Number of Copies
Any specific details regarding the job not covered by the ticket

I need a test copied quickly and would like to wait for the job to be completed. What can I do?

Tests can be copied while you wait. Inform the Document Source staff that you have a request for a test to be copied and they will be happy to run the copies while you wait. Waste copies from tests will be returned to the instructor.

What if I need a job returned at a specific time?

While we cannot always guarantee a turnaround time we will work very hard to meet your needs. Please enter a specific time and/or date needed in the appropriate space on your order request form. This will allow us to prioritize work to help meet your needs. Jobs can be picked up anytime after the agreed upon completion time.

How can I be sure that I am billed properly for the work I submit?

The yellow copy of the job ticket will be returned with the completed job to the department for their records.

What is the University Department delivery schedule for print job?

The Document Source makes departmental deliveries Monday - Friday during normal business hours. When placing orders, simply request delivery.