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Human Resources Office



It is the mission of the Human Resources Office to enhance and provide human resource related support services for post-secondary education, research and service for the University community.

Role of the Human Resources Office

The role of the Human Resources Office is to assist the university in recruiting, employing, training, and retaining faculty and staff and by maintaining official agency personnel records, administering benefits, classification and staff development programs.


The scope of the Human Resources Office encompasses instruction, research and service. Instruction is provided through staff development programs. Human Resource Management related research is conducted to gather information needed for strategic decision making. Services are provided to our faculty, staff and retirees. In addition, services are also provided to the public regarding employment opportunities with the university and the State Civil Service system.


News & Events

   OCTOBER 15, 2019
Public Hearing regarding Proposed Changes to Chapters 1, 5, 6, and 19 of the Civil Service Rules

Civil Service Commission Adopts New Rule regarding "Criminal History Inquiry"

Call for Election of Employee Member of State Civil Service Commission

Campaigning in Election of Classified Employee Member