Research Briefs

The Research briefs provide summary information on a variety of topics of interest to the Southeastern community. These include current research areas as well as historical documents. 

Research Brief #34

Ethnicity at Southeastern (Updated) (Summer 2020)

Research Brief #33

Non-Traditional Student Profile

Research Brief #32

Crime on Campus: How Safe is Southeastern?

Research Brief #31

Dual Enrollment Students as a Part of FTF Cohorts (Summer 2016)

Research Brief #30

 5 Year Analysis of Hispanic Trends (Fall 2016)

Research Brief #29

Analysis of International Students in Southeastern Louisiana University (Spring 2017)

Research Brief #28

Summary of 2008-2009 Academic Productivity Measures (Fall 2009)

Research Brief #27

Southeastern Full-Time Freshmen Cohort Success Predictors (Summer 2010)

Research Brief #26

Grade Inflation at Southeastern? (Fall 2007)

Research Brief #25

Study of Student Financial Aid at Southeastern (Summer 2008)

Research Brief #24

Selected Benchmarks for Institutions of the University of Louisiana System (Spring 2007)

Research Brief #23

A Profile of Southeastern's Students with Disabilities (Spring 2007)

Research Brief #22

Gender Enrollment Trends at Southeastern (Spring 2006)

Research Brief #21

Comparison of Students Taking Online Learning Courses & Regular Courses (Summer 2006)

Research Brief #20

Future Student Diversity: Southeastern Serving its Community (Fall 2011)

Research Brief #19

Comparison of Grade Distribution between Online Learning Courses & Regular Courses (Spring 2005)

Research Brief #18

Financial Inputs and Graduation Rates: A Preliminary Look at Possible Courses (Spring 2005)

Research Brief #17

Effects of Baton Rouge Community College on Southeastern (Spring 2005)

Research Brief #16

Retirement Characteristics of Southeastern Faculty and Staff (Spring 2004)

Research Brief #15

Ethnicity at Southeastern (Updated) (Spring 2004)

Research Brief #14

Cyber-Space = Found Space: The Net Effect of Off-Campus Delivered Instruction on Campus Facilities (Fall 2004)

Research Brief #13

What Influences Students to Attend Southeastern (Fall 2002)

Research Brief #12

Retention Rates of Southeastern Louisiana University's First-Time, Full-Time, Degree Seeking Freshmen (Spring 2003)

Research Brief #11

Enrollment Trends of First-time Freshmen from Southeastern's Top Ten Parishes, based on Enrollment (Spring 2002)

Policy Brief #10

Crime on Campus: How Safe is SLU? - (Update) (Summer 2000)

Policy Brief #9

Funding higher Education: Southern Regional Education Board, Louisiana, and Southeastern (Spring 2001)

Policy Brief #8 

Why do Students Temporarily Leave Southeastern? (Fall 1999)

Policy Brief #7

What Factors Keep Students from Returning to Southeastern Louisiana University (Fall 1999)

Policy Brief #6

Southeastern Louisiana University Undergraduate Alumni: How and what are they doing after Graduation? (Spring 1998)

Policy Brief #5

Crime on Campus: How Safe is SLU? (Spring 1997)

Policy Brief #4

Ethnicity at SLU: How diverse are Faculty and Staff (Spring 1997)

Policy Brief #3

Why do Students Take Longer to Graduate? (Fall 1996)

Policy Brief #2

Ethnicity at SLU: How diverse are We? (Fall 1996)

Policy Brief #1

SLU's Entering Freshmen: A Profile (Fall 1996)