Research at Southeastern

Research at Southeastern

Research at Southeastern takes on many forms, including empirical investigations, scholarship, and creative activities. Our faculty are engaged in basic research that will impact the future and increase our understanding of the world; others are applying their skills and knowledge to current problems and improving current processes or practices or contributing to the body of cultural works. The dedication of our faculty to research complements and enriches Southeastern's undergraduate and graduate academic programs.

We are on an aggressive mission to increase our research funding and the involvement of faculty and students at all levels as a means for better understanding our world, preparing our students to make significant contributions in their chosen fields, and promoting economic development in the region.

Whether in the physical sciences, the field at Turtle Cove Environmental Research Station, K-12 schools, health facilities, the Business Research Center,  the Social Science Research Center, in the stacks of some of the world's most renowned libraries, or in art galleries, theatres, and performance halls, Southeastern faculty are conducting valuable research and contributing to the culture of the region, state, nation, and beyond. Grants from agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, and many other sources fund our cutting-edge scholarly and creative efforts.

The Office of Sponsored Research and Programs is here to serve the needs of faculty, students, and our community. We always appreciate comments and suggestions of how we can improve this Web site to better serve you.

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