Fitness & Wellness

Group Ex Classes

Group exercise classes are workouts put to music for a fun, team oriented approach to fitness led by our motivational instructors. These classes are a nice break from other modes of exercise, and for some, the exercise program that fits them best.

With a variety of classes and facility hours, there's truly something for everyone. Our qualified group fitness instructors will lead you safely and smoothly through the classes of your choice.  
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Personal Training

At Rec Sports and Wellness, your success is our success! Our personal trainers hold a nationally recognized personal training certification and are fully equipped to help you accomplish your goals. Our personal trainers can assess and create custom exercise programs to suit your wants and needs.

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Acheive your optimal level of performance with this multi-componet program. Reach your full potential while enhancing all six areas of wellness.

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Certification & Workshops

Interested in learning more about the different ascpects of fitness? Check out our upcoming certifications and workshops coming to Rec Sports & Wellness.

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For more information about our class schedules and how to register for personal training, contact: