Need Extra Prints?

If an actively enrolled Southeastern student exceeds their print allocations before the end of the semester or if a Northshore Technical Community College student needs to print on Southeastern's campus, prints can be purchased at the Controller's Office.


Paying in person (This is a non-refundable transaction)

Step 1:  Go to the Controller's Office cashiers window located in North Campus Building A and pay $10.
Step 2:  You will receive a receipt. 
Step 3:  Bring your receipt to the I/O Window located on the first floor of McClimans Hall.
Step 4:  The $10 amount will be entered into your printing account by the I/O Window staff and 400 prints will be available within 24 hours. 


           Additional $10 payments for extra prints may be made at anytime and as often as needed using this payment method.