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The Vertebrate Museum at Southeastern Louisiana University is a working scientific
museum which relies on grant funding to maintain its collection. Thanks to these funds
we have been able to hire and maintain personnel in order to advance our collection
in both size and scope. We recently added a Outreach and Education Director – Dr.
Liz Marchio – to broaden our reach. Currently, we have the following personnel working
at the Museum: 





Dr. Kyle Piller

Curator of Vertebrates, Edward G. Schlieder Foundation Professor of Environmental
Studies and Sustainability, and Graduate Coordinator

Phone:+1 (985) 549-2191 | Fax: +1 (985) 549-3851 | Email:[email protected] | Dr. Piller’s website

Research Interests: Systematics | Evolution | Ecology | Conservation Genetics | eDNA


Danielle Wasserman

Museum Manager and Database Specialist

Ms. Danielle Wasserman

Phone:+1 (985) 549-2901 | Email: [email protected] Danielle’s Web Page



 Brittany Maldonado

Brittany Maldonado

Collection Manager – Herpetology

Email: [email protected] 

Andrew Sherman

Thomas Dodson

Collection Manager – Ichthyology

 Email: [email protected]  





Brian Crother

Edward G. Schlieder Foundation Professor, Assistant Dean

Email:[email protected] | Dr. Crother’s Google Scholar Page

Research Interests: Evolution from a phylogenetic perspective | Historical Biogeography | Historical
Ecology | Patterns of Gene Evolution | Patterns of Species Evolution | Methodology
and Philosophy of Phylogenetic Analysis



Clifford Fontenot, Jr.

Instructor of Biological Sciences

Email:[email protected] | Dr. Fontenot’s recent publications

Research Interests: Behavior, conservation, and evolutionary ecology of amphibians and reptiles | Long-term
(2003-present) wetlands snake assemblage study in the Lake Pontchartrain Basin | Evolution
of vision in snakes



Christopher Beachy

Professor of Biological Sciences, Department Head

Email:[email protected] | Dr. Beachy’s website

Research Interests: Life history biology | Amphibian metamorphosis



Chris Murray

Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences

Email:[email protected] | Dr. Murray’s Website

Research Interests: Comparative Morphology | Physiological Ecology | Population Ecology | Endocrinology
| Sex Determination | Stress Physiology | Reproductive Ecology | Biogeography | Evolutionary
Ontology and Philosophy



Teague O’Mara

Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences

Email: [email protected] |Dr. O’Mara’s Wesbite

Research Interests: Social Behavior of Vertebrates | Animal Movement | Natural History | Migration | Immunological Variability 

Honorary Personnel


In Memory of Dr. David Sever

Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences; Notable Community Member and Mentor to
Southeastern Biologists