Foreign Language Placement Test

Who can take it?

Any student seeking immediate placement into a 102, 201, 202, or 300-level French,
Spanish, Latin, Italian, or German course. The student cannot have already received
college credit in the language in which he or she wishes to take a placement test—this
includes Dual Enrollment courses.


How does it work?

To receive the placement credits, students must also pass a higher level course in
that same language with a grade of C or better. Below is a chart of the credits received
upon passage of the course:

Level In Which Student is Placed Course Credit Received Upon Completion of Course
101 None – Student must take 101
102 101
201 Both 101 and 102
202 101, 102, and 201
300+ 101, 102, 201, 202


Should I take it?

Students that have taken two or more years of foreign language in high school or that
have grown up speaking French, Spanish, German, or Italian or reading Latin are highly
advised to take the test. However, all students can take the placement test in any
language of their choosing.


Extra details?

  • All tests are FREE. They are offered only in the Foreign Language Resource Center (FLRC) located in TEC 2015.

  • Tests in each language may be taken only once.

  • The test score determines the appropriate course in which the student should be placed

  • Placement test scores expire after one year from the date it is taken. The student has one year to register and complete the
    course in which he or she was placed.


What can I expect?

The online placement test is available in French, German and Spanish. The Latin and Italian
placement tests are on paper. All tests include a series of multiple-choice questions
focusing on vocabulary, grammar and reading comprehension. The tests usually takes
students about 10 – 40 minutes to complete.


On test day…

The placement test can be taken anytime that the FLRC is open—no appointment is necessary.
Please, bring your student ID. You will then receive further instructions for the
exam from an FLRC staff member.


If you have any questions, feel free to email the Foreign Language Resource Center
([email protected]) or call 985-549-2291