Prospective Students

What is the Honors Program?

The Southeastern Honors Program is an opportunity for qualified students to participate
in special courses and curricula to enhance their academic experience and earn an
Honors Diploma at graduation. The benefits are substantial.

Honors offers courses in Chemistry, English, History, Communication, Mathematics,
Biology, Psychology, Fine Arts, and many more. With great teachers and classes usually
limited to 20 students, Honors courses offer optimum learning environments for lots
of discussion and personal assistance from the instructors. These small classes also
offer opportunities to make some great friends.

Credit for Honors courses is noted on the student’s transcript and graduation in the
honors curriculum is rewarded with a special Honors Diploma. Participation in a university
Honors program provides an edge in competition for graduate, professional schools,
and for employment.

Do I take all of my courses as Honors courses?

No. Incoming Honors students typically take SE 1017 and one other Honors course in
their first semester. After that, they generally take an Honors course in an area
of their choosing each semester. You won’t retake any courses for which you have credit
already and students typically choose Honors courses in areas of interest.

Honors Housing

As an Honors Program student, you can choose to live in the Honors dorm: Ascension Hall.  You’ll also enjoy priority room assignment. Living on campus (or in Ascension)
is not required to participate in the Honors Program.

Ascension Hall


Why should I participate in the Honors Program?

Southeastern’s Honors Program offers many benefits, including;

  • Leadership development opportunities
  • Access to faculty
  • Great academic preparation for continued studies or work
  • Early registration
  • Smaller classes
  • Special topic honors classes
  • Discussion-based learning
  • Recognition for academic achievements
    • Sophomore Honors Distinction
    • Senior Honors Distinction
    • Honors Diploma
  • Opportunities for travel and conference participation
  • Honors Housing
  • Opportunities for involvement
    • Honors Ambassadors
    • Honors Student Association
    • Honors Mentors