Also in the Library


Cate Family Exhibit

With the help of the President's office, the Cate family descendents, and multiple institutional departments, the Center established the Cate Exhibit located on the first floor of the Sims Memorial Library. This permanent installation demonstrates the influence of Charles Emery Cate and his wife, Mertie Ann Waterman Cate, on the development of Hammond and its surrounding environs. 

The Cate Exhibit showcases the many businesses C. E. Cate created which transformed a small, cross-roads community into a prosperous town.  Additionally, the exhibit highlights the work of Mertie Ann Waterman Cate in developing one of the chief religious institutions in Hammond, Grace Memorial Episcopal Church.  We encourage you to visit this exhibit to learn more about the Cate family legacy and their many contributions to the city of Hammond. 

Center for Southeast Louisiana Studies

The Center for Southeast Louisiana Studies preserves and promotes the history and the cultures of Louisiana's Florida Parishes, southwestern Mississippi, and surrounding areas through scholarly research, lectures, and publishing. 


Innovation Hub (iHub)

The Innovation Hub (iHub) is an interdisciplinary, technologically advanced workspace initiative located on the second floor of Sims Library. All aspects of the iHub, from furnishings to programming, are intended to promote critical and creative thinking to solve problems that are complex and non-standard.


Java City Internet Cafe

Looking for a cup of coffee and a pastry while you study, grab a cup of gourmet Java City coffee to go! 

Java City is a hand-crafted specialty coffee roaster, retailer and wholesaler selling coffee and supporting products under the Java City™, ecoGrounds™ and JCX™ brand names. Java City hand roasts only responsibly sourced coffee from farms focused on environmental protection, community enhancement and fair worker compensation. 


Mathematics Lab

The Mathematics Technology Learning Center houses two hundred computers and is staffed by Mathematics Faculty, Graduate Assistants, and Undergraduate Tutors. The MTLC is open 52 hours per week in the Fall Semester and 48 hours per week in the Spring Semester. Access to the lab is given to students taking mathematics courses upon presentation of their student IDs at the entry desk.


Sims Memorial Library, Room 208