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The Open Textbook Library is a growing collection of electronic textbooks covering many academic subject areas, including Business, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Foreign Languages, and the Social Sciences. The purpose of the Open Textbook Library is to provide free access to textbooks, to reduce student expenditures. All textbooks are complete, have open copyright licenses, and are freely available to faculty and students. Many of the textbooks have been reviewed by faculty from other institutions of higher education.

Faculty members are welcome to visit the Open Textbook Library website to evaluate and consider using these resources for their classes at Southeastern. A corresponding list of Open Textbook Library records in our library catalog, provided by the Louisiana Library Network (LOUIS), can also be accessed from the link above.

The Louisiana Board of Regents sponsored conferences dedicated to innovative eLearning, which covered the use of Open Textbook and Open Educational Resources. LOUIS continues to promote these open resources with its Affordable Learning LOUISiana initiative.

Sims Library will update faculty about Affordable Learning LOUISiana open resources as these become available. If you have questions about the Open Textbook Library, you are welcome to contact Paul Kelsey at the Library.

Contact:  Paul Kelsey
                 Head of Acquisitions
                 Phone: 985-549-3954