Student FAQs

 Financial Aid

Will my financial aid be impacted if I resign due to issues related to Hurricane Ida?

If you resign or stop attending classes prior to the 60% mark of the semester you
will likely owe back the unearned portion of your financial aid. It is best to reach
out to financial aid before making any resignation decisions.

When is the 60% mark of the Fall semester?


November 2 is the 60% mark. To earn all financial aid funds, you must continue to
participate in classes through this date before resigning from the university. Please
also note that resigning could impact Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Will my financial aid, including federal financial aid, TOPS, and scholarships be
impacted if I drop a class(es) due to issues related to Hurricane Ida?

For most aid programs, including TOPS, students must remain full-time (12 hours for
undergraduate and 9 hours for graduate) through the 14th class day. Federal financial
aid, TOPS, and/or scholarships will be reduced or cancelled based on your enrollment
status as of the 14th class day which is September 24. In addition, student loan recipients
must be enrolled in at least 6 hours to remain eligible. Please contact the Office
of Financial Aid prior to dropping any classes to determine any impact.

My financial situation has changed as a result of Hurricane Ida. Can my financial aid
offer and/or eligibility be reconsidered?

Due to a change in your financial status, you may qualify to apply for financial aid
reconsideration. If approved, you may be eligible for additional funds. Please visit for additional details and application instructions. Please note, not all students
will qualify for financial aid reconsideration.

Is additional financial aid available to students experiencing financial hardships
as a result of Hurricane Ida?

Students experiencing financial hardships may qualify for additional funding. Please
complete submit the Student Assistance Fund application at this link:

When will Go Grant and/or HB 152 disburse to my university account?

The LA Go Grant award and HB 152 award will disburse on the 15th class day (September
27) to eligible enrolled students.

Can I still apply for HEERF funds (emergency relief grants)?

Students who have not applied for HEERF funds are still able to do so. Please login
to Leonet to complete the certification in Self Service to receive the funds.

Should I apply for FEMA?

Students may qualify for assistance through FEMA. The fastest way to apply is online
at You can also contact FEMA at 1-800-621-3362.



Controller’s and Payment

Will the Southeastern Payment Plan (SPP) deadline be extended?

The late fee penalty for September will be waived, and the September payment will
be deferred and due with the October payment. Please note: Both the September and October payments must be made by the October deadline
in order to not receive additional late fees. 

Can I still enroll in a Southeastern Payment Plan?

No, the SPP is closed for enrollment for the fall semester (it closed 8/20).

If I resign from the university because of hurricane related issues, am I able to
receive a refund?

Per the university’s refund schedule, if a student officially resigns by the fifteenth
class day (September 27) a 50% refund of tuition and fees is due. Prorations for housing
and meals may be requested. Refunds are not given for resignations after the fifteenth
class date.



Withdrawals and Resignations

Has the date for course withdrawals changed?

Yes, students now have until the last day of the Fall semester to withdraw from a
regular term class or a term 2 class. Students enrolled in term 1 classes can withdraw
through October 19th.

What is the process to resign from the University?

To resign from the University, students must complete a Resignation Request. Students are strongly encouraged to gather the proper information about how resigning
might impact their Southeastern account and Financial Aid eligibility. 




I lost my computer during the storm. Can laptops or other devices be checked out for

There are a limited number of laptop computers for student use. Please go to the SPS
Lab in Fayard Hall to inquire about checking out a laptop. This lab will be open to
check out computers during regular business hours starting Friday, September 17.

What computer labs are open? 

All labs on campus will be open for regular hours starting Friday, September 17.

Sims Library and CSE Offer Laptop Loans for Students

Sims Library and the Center for Student Excellence are working together to provide
laptops and other technology for students who need it to complete their Fall semester
classes. Sims Emergency Technology is a temporary service in response to Hurricane

Students in need of assistance should complete the online application available here:




What if I need a replacement set of my rental textbooks? 

If you need new Rental Textbooks, please email [email protected] and include name, W#, and a list of books needed. You will receive a response as
to when you can pick up a new set of books.

What are the new deadlines to return my rental textbooks?

Last day to return rental textbooks without a fine is Monday, December 20, 2021 at
5:00pm. Fines will be assessed for books returned between 5:00pm Monday, December
20 and 5:00pm Wednesday, December 22nd.

Student accounts will be charged for any rental books not returned by 5:00pm – Wednesday,
December 22, 2021.

What if my rental textbooks got damaged in Hurricane Ida?

If your Rental Textbooks were damaged due to Hurricane Ida, please send an email to
[email protected] reporting your damaged books. Please send your email no later than October 15, 2021
and include your name, W#, and list of damaged books.



Course Specific FAQs

When will the math lab reopen?

The Math Lab will be open for regular hours starting September 20.

I may not be able to return to in-person classes for at least a month. What should
I do? 

It will be difficult to miss a month’s worth of instruction and still be successful
in your courses. Reach out to your instructors and academic advisor to understand
what might be feasible. Term 2 courses may be an option.

Is it possible to attend virtually for the rest of the semester? 

It is anticipated that most classes will be in the same format. Please reach out to
your instructors for specific instructions about your courses.

I see that we have make-up days added to the academic calendar. Does that mean we
have to attend classes on a weekend or at a specific time?

No, the make-up time period allows for an additional assignment or course material
to be presented in a format that does not require you to attend at a specific time.
No classes will be held over weekends.




When can I return to my residence hall?

Residents were sent a communication on Sunday, September 12 to their Southeastern email
accounts with a specific date for returning. Before returning to rooms, all residents
will be required to either present a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours
prior to your return or consent to a COVID-19 test upon check-in.

My roommate was contacted to check in earlier than me. Why is that?

If you reside in Southeastern Oaks or a private suite, your roommate may have damage
to their specific room.

Will there be food available on campus?

The Mane Dish will be open Tuesday, September 14 – Saturday, September 18 from 10:30
a.m. – 6:00 p.m. and from 10:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. on Sunday, September 19.  All dining
locations will resume normal hours of operation on Monday, September 20.

I had food in my refrigerator, what should I do?

Please note that all rooms have been checked for damages and all refrigerator contents
have been removed. 

Is housing available for new residents?

Yes, space is available for students who need to move on campus. Please see the Housing site for more details on housing and to access the housing application.

What if I cannot check in on Wednesday, September 13th or Thursday, September 14th
during my scheduled time?

Residents that cannot check in during their scheduled check in times can email [email protected] to schedule another check in time. A negative COVID test will still be required to
check into your room.

What do I do if I see damages in my room that may have been caused by the hurricane?

If you find damage in your room upon your return, please submit a Fixx-it Request
. If you find mildew in your room, please send an email to [email protected], with “Mildew” and the room number in the subject line.



International Students

Are international students eligible for assistance through FEMA?

An international student may be eligible for FEMA assistance. It is recommended that
international students reach out to FEMA directly at this number: 1-800-621-3362

Are there any shelters or areas offering resources to international students?

The Wesley Foundation located adjacent to campus on Dakota Street is available throughout
the day to provide meals and groceries. They are also available to house students
as needed.

I am international student living off campus and I would like to move on campus. Are
spaces available?

There is space available for housing. The housing application is available online



Calendar Changes

If classes start on Friday, am I required to attend if I don’t have a Friday class
on my course schedule?

Classes scheduled for Friday, September 17th will be offered in a remote format. Please
look for instructions from your faculty member.

What if I can’t return to campus when classes resume?

If you are unable to return to classes for several days, please reach out to your
instructors to see how they may be able to work with you. Please email them directly
and be sure to include your course and section number. If you are unable to attend
for a longer period of time, it may be best to withdraw from the course.

Has the commencement date changed?

Yes, commencement will now be held on December 18, 2021 so that the required number
of seat hours and class meeting days can be met.

Are final exams still scheduled at the same times?

Final exam week has been moved back one week. The times and locations for exams remains
as previously scheduled. Please confirm with your instructor.