How to Report

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual harassment, sexual assault, intimate
partner violence, or any other forms of sexual misconduct, the university strongly
encourages you to report. 
Reporting the incident means that you have choices to make about what the next steps
look like. For some people, reporting is to ensure that your experience is recognized;
for others, reporting is a means to get the support you need to feel safe and healthy;
or, reporting can be a way to initiate our conduct process because you want to hold
whomever harmed you accountable for their behavior. 

If you choose to disclose to any reporting platform below (those that are not listed
as confidential resources), this is what you can expect from Southeastern.

  • The report will be forwarded to the Title IX Office, who will reach out to you to
    offer support and make you aware of available resources. This person will also explain
    the Southeastern Title IX process. You choose whether to proceed forward with a Title
    IX and/or a criminal case. 
  • There are some instances where the information you share is so serious that the university
    needs to move forward without your participation because there is a threat to the
    campus community. The University will make you aware of this decision.


Below is more information on where you can turn to report incidents of sexual misconduct:


Title IX Office. Any incident of sexual misconduct can be brought to the attention of the Title IX
Officer. Although the University strongly encourages reporting sexual misconduct to
the police, a complainant may request administrative action by the Title IX Officer
with or without filing a police report. The Title IX Officer can grant interim accommodations
such as changing academic, living, transportation or working situations. 

Title IX Officers:

Gene Pregeant, Rm. 120 Dyson Hall
Tel: 985-549-5888  Email: [email protected]

Yazmyn Smith, Mims Hall Room 216
Tel:  985-549-5351  Email:  [email protected]

University Police Department.
Southeastern faculty, staff, and students should report all incidents of sexual misconduct directly to our own
Southeastern Louisiana University Police Department. Filing a police report does not
obligate the reporting party to continue with criminal proceedings or disciplinary
action.  If you have experienced sexual violence outside of the Hammond area but want
to connect with law enforcement, Southeastern UPD can help connect you to the appropriate

University Police Department 

Tel: 985-549-2222  Email: [email protected]

Hammond Police Department 

Emergency: 911 / Non-Emergency: 985-277-5000


The Office of Student Advocacy and Accountability. When a student is accused of sexual misconduct, regardless of the status of the alleged
victim (i.e., another student, a faculty member, etc.), the relevant student disciplinary
procedures set forth in the Student Conduct Code ( code) shall
constitute the formal investigation process. Any student victim of sexual misconduct
may request disciplinary action by the Office of Student Advocacy and Accountability
with or without filing a police report. The Office of Student Advocacy and Accountability
may impose interim actions such as a no contact order or an interim suspension to
protect the safety of the victim. The Office of Student Advocacy and Accountability
extends additional rights in disciplinary procedures to victims of Sexual Misconduct
which can be found at

Mims Hall, Rm. 207

Tel: 985-549-2213 Email: [email protected]

Report it:

Responsible Employee. An individual may report alleged sexual misconduct to a Responsible Employee or
any employee serving in an administrative role at the University. Responsible Employees
must report the incident to the Title IX Officer. No employee is authorized to investigate
or resolve complaints without the involvement of the Title IX Officer. Responsible
employees shall include all administrators, unclassified staff, and resident assistants.

Anonymous Reports. Anonymous reports can be made at
http://www. Individuals who choose to file anonymous reports are advised that it may be very
difficult for the University to follow up and/or take action on anonymous reports,
where corroborating information is limited. Anonymous reports may be used for Clery
Act data collection purposes and shall be forwarded to the Title IX Officer.

Confidential Resources 

Confidential resources will not share the information you disclose unless you provide
permission. Southeastern Louisiana University has two offices that are designated
as confidential resources. They are below:

The University Counseling Center

Tel: 985-549-3894  Email: [email protected]

The University Health Center 

Tel: 985-549-2242  Email: [email protected]


Even if you do not report the incident to law enforcement or choose to participate
in a university investigation, you can still access medical care, counseling, and
other support from the university by notifying the Title IX coordinator, Deputy Title
IX Coordinator, Title IX Specialist, or the Office of Student Advocacy and Accountability.