Title IX Training

Title IX Regulations mandates the public sharing of materials used to train school
and college Title IX team members. The following link is to training materials provided
by Atixa, which were utilized by certain members of Recipient’s Title IX team.


Atixa’s Mission Statement provides:

ATIXA provides a professional association for school and college Title IX Coordinators,
investigators, and administrators who are interested in serving their districts and
campuses more effectively. Since 1972, Title IX has proved to be an increasingly powerful
leveling tool, helping to advance gender equity in schools and colleges. Title IX’s
benefits can be found in promoting equity in academic and athletics programs, preventing
hostile environments on the basis of sex, prohibiting sexual harassment and sexual
violence, protecting from retaliation and remedying the effects of other gender-based
forms of discrimination. Every school district and college in the United States is
required to have a Title IX Coordinator who oversees implementation, training, and
compliance with Title IX. ATIXA brings campus and district Title IX coordinators,
investigators, and administrators into professional collaboration to explore best
practices, establish industry standards, share resources, empower the profession,
and advance the worthy goal of gender equity in education.

Other members of Recipient’s Title IX team received training through Thompson Coburn’s
Higher Education Practice. The link to that training follows:


To assist institutions of higher education working to comply with the new regulations,
Thompson Coburn, a nation-wide law firm with 380 attorneys and a higher education
practice, has created a free, online lecture series that provides foundational training
for those individuals who will be administering the new Title IX process this fall,
including Title IX coordinators, investigators, advisors, hearing officers and appeal