General Studies Program

The General Studies Program welcomes students with diverse academic pursuits who are interested in bridging the disciplines, widening their personal perspectives and discovering concentrations that fit their interests. An interdisciplinary degree is desirable in a rapidly changing world and provides greater flexibility in creating a curriculum for an undergraduate degree.

With that focus, we assist students with gaining the self-knowledge and occupational knowledge necessary to plan effectively and maintain successful and rewarding careers. The purpose of the degree program is to provide flexibility to students with broad interests, to offer an option to those with new or changing career interests late in their academic careers, to prepare students for entry into certain graduate and professional programs and/or the world of work, and to assist those seeking a degree for career advancement/promotion.



General Studies provides courses of study, opportunities and experiences intended to assist students in the following ways:

  • To prepare students to enter a career requiring a broad background of knowledge and skills
  • To allow students to obtain a flexible, general college education with major and minor concentration areas
  • To foster an environment for students that is conducive to career development and successful job placement in an ever-changing global economy
  • To assist students at the post-secondary level, in career planning, and in the transition into the workforce
  • To encourage and promote scholarly activity and service activities among faculty

The program also strives to maintain a highly trained, technically competent, professional faculty using student-centered teaching pedagogies and conducting applied and educational research.




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