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General Studies Scholarship


Scholarships for Seniors 


The Barbara and Melvin Allen Endowed Scholarship in General Studies

Funded by Dr. Melvin and Dr. Barbara Allen and the Career Planning Faculty, General Studies Program. 

Dean's Level Scholarship


Drs. Melvin and Barbara Allen


Purpose of the Scholarship:

The purpose of The Barbara and Melvin Allen Endowed Scholarship in General Studies is to provide financial support to a deserving General Studies major in his/her last year of study.


Criteria for Selection of Recipient:

The selection criteria for the awarding of The Barbara and Melvin Allen Endowed Scholarship in General Studies are listed as follows:

  1. The student must have achieved a 3.0 or higher college grade point average on courses taken at Southeastern.

  2. The student must be a General Studies major whose degree plan best exemplifies the purpose of the program, a well defined career goal that requires a broad background of knowledge and skills only found in this degree plan. The applicant's application for this scholarship will address how his/her degree plan meets this purpose.

  3. the student must be of good moral character as supported by two letters of recommendation.

  4. The student must be a full-time student as defined by enrollment in at least 12 hours of credit courses per semester.

  5. The student will be awarded the scholarship in the last year of studies toward his/her General studies baccalaureate degree.


Selection Process:

The Barbara and Melvin Allen Endowed Scholarship in General Studies will be administered by the Southeastern Development Foundation and the Office of Scholarship Services. The selection of a recipient will be made by the Scholarship Committee from the General Studies program.


For more scholarship information, click here to go to Southeastern's Scholarship Services.


Tax Deductible Gift:

Gifts made to the Southeastern Development Foundation are tax deductible to the maximum allowed by federal and state tax laws.